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National Pony League 2017


National Pony League 2017


Leinster Ulster Munster Connaught
Ballyfoyle (25th June)

Ballymena (26th/27th May)

Aglish (21st May) Ard Chuain (22nd/23rd April)
Edgeworthstown (28th May) Banbridge (10th/11th May) Middleton (28th May) Galway County (17th/18th June)
Castlegannon (16th July) Cavan (10th/11th June) West Clare (1st of July) Corrundulla (25th June)
Gorey (tbc) Enniskillen (17th June) GoatenBridge (16th July) Loughrea (16th July)
Jag (tbc) National Balmoral (12th-16th July) Corofin (tbc) Claremorris Agri (tbc)
Raheen Na Gun (tbc) Londonderry/Limavaddy (tbc) Kileady (tbc) Tubberbride (tbc)


***Final at the National Championships***


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Important Notice


Qualified combinations table may change, according to criteria fulfilment. If a qualified pony competes in a higher class before the final of the league, it will be automatically disqualified.



2017 Rules



  • This League is open to 128cm ponies jumping 80cm; 138cm ponies jumping 90cm and 148cm ponies jumping 1.00m.
  • Ponies must not compete higher than 90cm; 1.00m and 1.10m between 1st January 2017 and the League Final date
  • To be eligible for the 128 Final the rider MUST NOT have attained a clear round in the 128 1.10m class
  • To be eligible for the 138 Final the rider MUST NOT have attained a clear round in the 138 1.20m class
  • To be eligible for the 148 Final the rider MUST NOT have attained a clear round in the 148 1.30m class
  • All qualifying competitions must have a time allowed and will run under Article 274.5.1
  • The Final will be held at the National Pony Championships and will be a jump off class under Article 238.2.2
  • Each Region will run 6 legs of the League and athletes may only qualify within their own Region, athlete/pony combination must compete in a minimum of 3 of their regional qualifiers to be elegible for the final
  • 3 points for every double clear round will be awarded.
  • The top 10 athlete/pony combinations after the 6 rounds in each Region go through to the Final.  Athletes may ride a maximum of 3 ponies per class.
  • If an athlete has more than one pony qualified for the final, the highest placed pony in the league competes in the final.
  • Every competitor starts on a score of 0 in the final.
  • Only qualified combinations can compete at the Final – all those on equal points in 10th place will qualify for the Final.
  • Temporary tickets can be used but athletes will not be eligible for league points or SJI points  or prize money or qualifying place.
  • Minimum prize fund at each venue €100 per class.
  • Prize fund at the Final will be €500 per class.
  • A League table will be available online.
  • Ponies downbanded in 2017 are not elegible for the league
  • Qualified combinations must be declared for the final, as per instructions to be placed on this page at later stage.