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Leinster League

Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 2019 Rules(1.35)

Comp 1.35m run under Art.238.2.2 (special occasion 274.52/238,1,1 TA)

1) National GP rules re course designers, judges, starters etc.

2) €2000 Prize Fund for each leg of the Tour (1.35)  Entry fee not more than €45 per entry. Prizes 1st – 8th. Points 1st -10th.
3) Pre entry to SJI Office by 4pm on Thursday prior to show (1.35) €10 deposit per entry non-refundable.

4) Riders may ride 4 horses in each leg. Change of horse or rider permitted as per National GP rules.

5) Points allocated in the Tour as per National Grand Prix, 10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 ,1,1

6) Top 8 legs will count for points.

7) At Final Leg –Points and a half on offer for the last leg of the Tour at IBC
8) NB -Rule pertaining to Leinster Summer Tour – a rider may enter 1 horse in the class at the show with a penalty fee of €10 on top of entry fee.  Late entry must jump first.
 No exceptions to the rule.  This will not be permitted at the final leg.

  1. No late entry

General rules for all 3 Tours

NB All three classes must be run on the same day at a 2/3 day show.

As a courtesy to the Sponsors of the Tour, winners of the tour must be present to accept their prizes at the last leg of the Tour.

 Any queries regarding the tours should be addressed to the

 Maureen at 0872635732 or Taylor at 0862603002 before the final.  No queries will be answered on the day unless about the final leg

Leading Rider in 1.35- As per National GP, Riders will get their first points only in each leg.
Horse/Rider Combination - points will be allocated 1st -10th place at each leg
Horse/Rider Combination1.10/1.20 Tour –Points for 1st -6th.  Points and a half on offer for the last leg of the Small Tours.

All Tours -Please note that it is the responsibility of the agent/owner/rider to keep a record of their points .All queries must be dealt with by email before the final leg of the tour.  No queries re: leader board will be dealt with at the final leg.


Definition of a Pro am-rider for this Tour -

Pro am -is an athlete, whether riding competitively or for recreation, show jumps for the challenge it presents, not as a profession or for financial gain.

• A Pro Am’s horse must be owned by themselves or an immediate family member. (I.E. A parent or sibling)
• All riders wishing to take part in the Pro/Am section must declare before entries close on Thursday.  Pro Am – Placings will be taken from 1st -10th  in 1.35 class and  1st -6th in 1.10 & 1.20 with an additional bonus for the top placed rider/horse on the day of 3 points.

Young Riders (1.35)– YR Points will be taken from their placing in the overall class 1st – 10th (SJI).  No points given if they are not placed in the class on the day, but the prize on the day will go to the highest YR in the class. Tickets must be clearly marked YR either by rider or SJI. YR 1.10/1.20 points for top 1-6th place on day.


Rules for 1.1071.20 Small Tours
1) 1.10cm and 1.20cm
2) Article 274.5.2 and in final it may be run under Art 238.2.2
3) Prize Fund of €500for each leg.
4) Prizes 1st -6th. Points as per SJI class
5)Top 8 leg will count .  Points and a half on offer for final leg. Points to Horse/rider combination.
6) If there is an equal winning combination, the last leg best result will count to determine the winner etc.


Rug to the winner.

Mervue Equine Products to 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Rosettes 1st – 8th, Best Turned Out, Top Pro-am, Top Young Rider.

Top Young Rider will receive Mervue Equine Products or Rug

Top Pro-am Rider will receive Mervue Equine Products or rug *see rules for Pro-am


Winning  Combination of the Tour – €2000,  Sash, Rug
Runner Up  Combination– €1000, rug
Winning Rider – €500 Rug
Top Young Rider – Rug, Sash plus exclusive Training Bursary with International Athlete, Bertram Allan at his yard in Germany.
Top Pro am - Rug, Sash, Training Bursary with High Performance Coach, Ian Fearon

Mervue Equine LST 1.10 &1.20 Summer Tour – each leg – 500 euros

Winner gets rug, rosette and Mervue Products

Top Young Rider gets rosette and Mervue Products

Top Pro am gets rosette and Mervue Products

Mervue Equine LST 1.20m Final

Winner gets €1500, Mervue Products, Sash,  Rosette, Rug
Runner Up – €500, Mervue Products, Rug,  Rosette
Winner - Young Rider gets €250, Mervue Equine Products, Rosette, Rug
Winner - Pro am gets €250, Mervue Products, Rosette, Rug


Mervue Equine LST 1.10m Final
Winner of 1.10cm L.S. Tour -€750, Sash,  Mervue Equine Products, Rosette, Rug
Runner Up – 250 Rosette, Rug and Mervue Equine Products
Pro am – Rug, Mervue Products, Rosette €250
Young Rider- Rug, Mervue Equine Products, Rosette €250.