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Leinster League






The Tour will comprise of Seven legs , all at top class Shows.  An 8th leg may be added at a later date.


Barnadown Equestrian 17th  July
Warrington 26th July
 Mullingar Equestrian 2nd August
Cuffsgrange TBC
Ravensdale TBC
Inistogue 16th Aug
Wexford Equestrian 23rd Aug
Jag Equestrian  TBC
Coilog Equestrian 18th/20th Sept

All  Shows will be “ stand alone” shows with other excellent competitions on offer.  1.10cm & 1.20cm classes will be part of the Mervue Equine LST Small Tour
Mervue Equine 1.10cm class with 250 euro on offer at each leg.
Mervue Equine 1.20cm class will also have 250 euro on offer at each leg.
The Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour (1.35)
Prize funds for each leg is 1500 euro for 2020



Rules for 2020 Tour.


Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 2020 Rules  (1.35)

Comp 1.35cm run under Art.238.2.2 (special occasion 274.52/238,1,1 TA)


1)Nat GP Rules re course designers, judges, starters etc.

2)€1500 Prize Fund for each leg of the Tour (1.35)  Entry fee not more than 45 euro per entry. Prizes 1st – 8th. Points 1st –8th
3) Pre entry to SJI Office by 4pm on Thursday prior to show(1.35)

4)Riders may ride 4 horses in each leg.   
5)Points allocated in the Tour as per National Grand Prix, 10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2  All combinations will receive their points.

7)At Final Leg –Points and a half on offer for the last leg of the Tour at Coilog.



Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Small Tour 1.10 1.20cm
1) comp will be run as either Art 274,5,2/238.1.1
2) entries as per Schedule for the show.
3) Prize to Winner of Comp, Top YR and Top Pro am,
4) 250 euro prize fund in these classes.
5) Points 1st « 6th for the winners in these classes.  6,5,4,3,2,1,
Should the top young rider or Pro am not be in the placings 1-6th, they will receive a points for being placed top of their own section.




Winners of Mevue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 1.35
Winner will receive 1000 euro
Runner up 500 euro
Top Young Rider – a weeks training with Bertram Allen, International Rider
Top Pro am- Training with Ian Fearon, High Performance Coach HSI



Winner of Mervue Equine LST Small Tour 1.10 & 1.20cm
Winner will receive 750 euro
Runner up 250
Winner of Pro am Section – Mervue Equine Products
Winner of Young Rider Section – Mervue Equine Products

Winner will receive  1000 euro
Runner up 500 euro
Winner off Young Rider Section will receive Mervue Equine Products
Winner of Pro am Section will receive Mervue Equine Products.


It is the responsibility of the rider/owner to check their points.



We, Also, wish to thank the Leinster Region of Showjumping for supporting this Tour.




Pro-am riders- Please declare your intention to be included on this list before the first leg you are competing in.  When on the list, you will be included for the 2020 Tour as a Pro am rider.