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Youngster Tour Ireland

Aims of the Youngster Tour Ireland 2020.

  1. Allow Irish horses of 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 yr old to compete at a level suitable for their development, during the summer season on a league format, in a Main Arena settingthen giving them a prestigious Grand Final Weekend with good prize money & additional prizes.

  2. Allow owners/riders to market & sell direct to a client, via use of the Tour's social media platforms & the Website.

  3. Allow owners/riders that have smaller budgets to buy Irish horses to be involved.

  4. Encourage owners & riders to buy Irish born horses from breeders & producers

  5. Encourage Young Riders & Amateurs to buy Irish & compete in Youngster Classes

  6. Encourage Event Horse Producers to join the League to produce their horses.

  7. Provide a Gala Weekend Show, Qualifiers, Grand Final & Consolation Classes, with numerous additional prizes.

  8. Provide continuous marketing during the Tour for Sponsors via Social Media platforms & through the Youngster Tour Website.

  9. Recreate the lost philosophy that

Ireland is the Land of the Horse & you come to Ireland for your new horses, from 1m to the very top levels, we have what the customer wants & we are open for business’.



1. Showjumping Ireland registered & Department of Agriculture Approved Passports with Stallion Pedigree recorded & mare’s name & breeder recorded. 

Horses with Passports from :Irish Horse Register, Connemara, WSI, Weatherbys Ireland, Leisure Horse Ireland with Pedigree Recorded are eligible to compete.

Passports are a legal requirement for travel & will be checked at Tour Shows-No Passport, No Jump.

2. Horses competing on Irish Horse Board qualifiers where they have won prize money at 2 or more Qualifiers on the League or horses competing at National GP level are not eligible for the Grand Finals Weekend or any prizes associated with the Tour Finals, but are welcome to compete on the Tour & avail of it as a marketing tool.

3. The Youngster Tour Classes will be held in the Main Arena of the Qualifier Shows, and must run as independently advertised classes, not part of any height class.

4. Minimum of 2 Show appearances on the League, running from July to the weekend before the Grand Final 10th-13th September, qualifies you to enter for the Grand Final Weekend.

5. Shows will be pre-entry on the SJI Live as per advertised by each show.



All Festival Information will be published by Mullingar Equestrian Centre.

Youngster Tour Shows :

Class Height Bands-

4 Yr Olds

Height Bands start @

80cm -90cm –in July

85cm – 1m in August

Grand Final : 90cm-1m

5 Yr Old Tour –

Modified Classes, double clear jumping, with height bands starting @

90cm – 1m in July

95cm – 1.05 in August.

Grand Final @ 1.05- 1.10m

6 Yr Old Tour

Height Bands starting @

1.05m –1.10m in July, modified.

1.05 -1.15 in August, modified

Grand Final : 1.10-1.15m

7/8 Yr Old Tour

All timed.

Height Bands starting @

1.10m-1.15m in July

1.10 – 1.20m in August

Grand Final @ 1.15m – 1.25m

All courses will be built starting on a rising gradient from lowest height & finishing at the upper limit. Doubles & trebles are at the lower level. These courses should be built as a ‘Style Class’ to create positive riding & the emphasis is on Clear Round Jumping for a good record & also a video for marketing the horse.

Articles :

4 yo Horses: Article 238.1.1--no jumpoff --divide prizes-- 8 single fences +1 double =10 jumping efforts.

5 yo Horses : Article 238.1.1-- no jumpoff--divide prizes-- 9 single fences +1 double = 11jumping efforts.

6 yo Horses Article -- Maximum 13 obstacles in both phases.

7&8 yo Horses Article 13 obstacles in both phases.


Articles are as per 2020 Rule Book as published by SJI-Show Jumping Ireland


Youngster Tour Ireland Festival – final schedule to be confirmed.

@ Mullingar Equestrian Centre 10-13th September, 2020

All horses will be pre-entered & the rider that rode it on the qualifying number of shows on the Tour is the rider eligible to ride it on the Grand Final Weekend. (If there is a legitimate sale or injury to the rider before the Festival weekend the owner/rider must contact the organiser before the entry is submitted for the Grand Final Weekend & a decision will be made by the Committee on the validity of the requested change of rider)

A rider can ride a maximum of 4 horse/class in the Grand Final Qualifiers & a Maximum of 2 horses in the Grand Final.

If a rider has more than 2 horses qualified for any of the 6, 7 & 8 Yr Old Grand Finals it is the highest placed horses on the Result Sheets that will go forward to the Finals. The remaining horses will go forward to the Silver Tour Finals.

In the case of the 4 & 5 Yr Old Grand Finals, if a rider has more than the quota qualified, the rider will choose the 2 horses from his qualified horses to go forward to the Grand Final. The Rider must notify the Show Office within 1 hour of the class finishing with their choice of horses to allow the next eligible combination to be notified for the Grand Final. The rider’s remaining qualified horses will go forward to the Silver Tour Final.

NOTE : Declarations for all the Finals must be made by 6pm of the evening of the each qualifier, non-declaration will see the next horse on the result sheets being offered a Grand Final Position.

All standard SJI Protocols will stand for Young Horse Classes in relation to Veterinary Checks, Stipendary Stewarding, boots, Warm Up arena fence height & warm up practices etc.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with by the Stipendary Stewards & the Ground Jury.

This will be advertised by Mullingar Equestrian Centre with full information on all Arenas etc.

Youngster Tour Festival 10-13th September. PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE

Day 1.

4 Yr Old Q : All Clear Rounds qualify for the final

5 Yr Old Q :All Clear Rounds or Top 20 qualify for the Grand Final

6 Yr Old Q : Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final

7 & 8 Yr Olds : Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final

Day 2.

5 Yr Old Q – All Clear Rounds or Top 20 qualify for the Grand Final

6 Yr Olds Q – Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final

7 & 8 Yr Olds – Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final

Day 3

4 Yr Old Final in Main Arena in the afternoon before the Autumn GP :

Sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland -e2000 + e1000 Breeders Prize (Double Clears divide prize fund)

5 Yr Old Silver Final – Sponsored by Killossery Lodge Stud - e1000 (Double Clears Divide Prize Fund)

6 Yr Old Silver Final e1000 – Sponsored by Paul O' Shea + other(Jump Off)

7 & 8 Yr Old Silver Final e1000 - Sponsored by David Blake, Pine Hollow Farm USA (Jump Off)

Day 4 – Grand Final Day

5 Yr Old Grand Final – Sponsored by Horse Sport Ireland & Jim Derwin Equestrian (Prize Fund of Euro6000 + Trophy + e1000 Breeders Prizes)

(All double Clears divide the Prize Fund )

6 Yr Old Grand Final – Prize Fund of Euro3000 + Trophy + Breeders Prize – Sponsor to be finalsied.

2 rounds, Jump Off Class

7/8 Yr Old Grand Final – Sponsored by Orpen Horses, USA - Prize Fund of Euro2000 + Breeders Prize

2 Rounds, Jump Off Class.


Dates confirmed to 9th July.:



1Saturday 18thth July – The Meadows Equestrian Centre

2. Saturday 1st August - Kernans EC

3. Sunday 2nd August – The Meadows Equestrian Centre

4. Weekend of 7/8/9h Aug- Portmore EC – day to be confirmed

5. Sunday 9th August – Connell Hill

6. Saturday 29th August – Kernans EC

7. Thursday 3rd September – Portmore EC

8. Sunday 6th September – Cavan Equestrian Centre




9. Wednesday 15th July – Mullingar Equestrian Centre

10. Friday 17th July – Barnadown Showjumping

11. Wednesday 22nd July - Ravensdale

12.Friday 31st July – Mullingar Equestrian Centre

13. Monday 3rd August – Raheen na Gun

14Saturday 8th August – Killossery Lodge Stud

15. Saturdat 15th August – Coilog EC

16. Sunday 23rd August -Wexford Equestrian Centre

17Saturday 29th August - JAG - changing due to a clash.


18. Saturday 1st August – Sceilig Sport Horses

19. Sunday 9th August – Tipperary Equestrian Centre

20. Sunday 16th August - Roscrea EC

21. Ballycahane/Furnells -to confirm date, probably 23rd August.



22. Sunday 19th Julyth - Duffy's Equestrian Centre

23. Wednesday 29th July -Tubberbride Equestrian Centre

 24. Wednesday 19th August - Tubberbride Equestrian Centre