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Results of Maryville leg of the Connolly’ Red Mills Spring Tour

1. Sven Hadley Realt na Carraig c/c 43.68

2. Oisin Aylward Bendix c/c 45.68

3. Tholm Keane BMH Big Time c/c 48.42

4. Daryl Walker Caliva Charca MMZ c/c 51.42

5. Sven Hadley Sumas Taloubet c/c 53.61

6. Francis Connors Canterbury Della Caccia c/c 56.78

7. Tholm Keane Delano W c/4 43.74

8. Tholm Keane Future Storm c/4 45.92


Leading pro Am : Alan O Regan Freedam c/4 52.17

Leading young rider: Oisin Aylward

Best turned out: Kate Derwin AHG Whiterock Cruise Down.