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Harrison claimed the title of this year’s TopSpec Autumn Grand Prix.

There was no runaway leader of the series, which meant it came right down to the wire at the final leg which was held at Cavan Equestrian on the 2nd December.

Coming into the penultimate leg, Robert Harrison, Philip Gaw and Paul Carberry were all in contention for the coveted prize, all of which had four faults in the first round of the 1.35m and had to wait until the final round to see who would come out on top.

Tholm Keane and Future Storm were the victorious combination at Cavan Equestrian Centre on Saturday (2nd December) in the 1.35m TopSpec Autumn Grand Prix Series. Keane left all poles standing in a time of 40.10.

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(Tholm Keane and Future Storm in action in the 1.35m)

Closest competitor to Keane was the only other double clear of the day, Darryl Walker and Caliva Charca MMZ when he stopped the clock in 44.10.

2017 Overall winner, John Floody and Donevan Erkindale had an unfortunate pole down in the second round and had to settle for third place on the day with a time of 40.21.

Paddy O’Donnell was also unfortunate to have a single fence down in another fast time to finish in fourth place in a time of 41.07, just ahead of Eddie Moloney and Rocky Bond with 42.88 who finished in fifth place.

Jamie Landers concluded the line up with Castleforbes Violette with four faults and a time of 43.56.

We had to wait until the last competitor rode through the finish beams to know the winner of the series. Robert Harrison and the grey mare, Landlystes Rubina put in a faultless performance to not only win the class, but win the series.

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(Overall Leading Rider, Robert Harrison and Landlystes Rubina in action at the final leg of the TopSpec Autumn Grand Prix Series)


Eddie Moloney and Cruicerath Flexianna were first into the jump off and set the standard for the other eight competitors. Beaten by less than half a second, Moloney posted a time of 41.98 to take the runner up spot on the day.

Philip Gaw, second on the leader board and second last to go in the jump off gave it everything to steer Ardnacashel Coovella to third place on the day in a time of 43.42 and in turn, secured the overall runner up spot in this year’s series.  

Darryl Walker and Caliva Charca MMZ kept in the line-up, with a fourth place finish in this round with a double clear in a rime of 48.69.

The fastest of the four faults’ was our third place overall finisher, Paul Carberry and Brandonview First Edition. An unlucky fence on the ground in a time of 43.36 left him in fifth place on the day. However, his top six finish and points and a half in the final kept him in the overall standings with third place.

Emily Turkington and Jay Gatsby, who came third in the first leg held at Cavan Equestrian this year put in a valiant effort with a very unfortunate fence down to finish in fifth place with a time of 45.02.

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(Finn O'Sullivan of TopSpec presenting Robert Harrison with his prize for winnnig the final leg of the TopSpec Autumn Grand Prix Series)


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TopSpec Autumn Grand Prix 1.35m

1ST: Tholm Keane, Future Storm (0,0-40.10)

2ND: Darryl Walker, Caliva Charca MMZ (0,0 – 44.10)

3RD: John Floody, Donevan Erkindale (0,4 – 40.21)

4th: Paddy O’Donnell, Swingtime (0,4 – 41.07)

5th: Eddie Moloney, Rocky Bond (0,4 – 42.88)

6th: Jamei Landers, Castleforbes Violetter (0,4 – 43.56)


TopSpec Autumn Grand Prix 1.40m

1st: Robert Harrsion, Landlystes Rubina (0,0 -41.75)

2nd:Eddie Moloney, Cruicerath Flexianna (0,0 – 41.98)

3rd:Philip Gaw, Ardnacashel Coovella (0,0 – 43.42)

4th:Darryl Walker, Caliva Charca MMZ (0,0 – 48.69)

5th:Paul Carberry, Brandonview First Edition (0,4 – 43.36)

6th: Emily Turkington, Jay Gatsby (0,4 – 45.02)


Overall Leading Riders

Overall Winner:  Robert Harrison (52 points)

Runner Up: Philip Gaw (40 points)

Third Place: Paul Carberry (28 points)