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Competing in Northern Ireland Counties from 25th March 2021

In respect of the prohibition on new elite level sporting events or competitions, confirmation have been received from DEARA that legislative amendments have now been made which will remove this prohibition from 25th March.  Going forward, new events and competitions will be able to take place but only where all participants are elite athletes. Any organiser or operator of an event in Northern Ireland must ensure that all participants come within the definition and persons must not participate in events unless they come within the definition.

Under the Executive’s Pathway to Recovery, it is intended that non-elite competitions should be permitted by the end of Phase 2 of recovery.  At this stage, however, it appears unlikely that those competitions would be allowed to resume by 12 April (at this point in time, there is a planned resumption for outdoor sport training only on that date).

“elite athlete” as defined by the Public Health Regulations in Northern Ireland

·         derives a living from competing in a sport;

·         plays in a professional league or competition;

·         is a senior representative nominated by a relevant sporting body;

·         is a member of the senior training squad for a relevant sporting body; or

·         is aged 16 or above and on an elite development pathway.