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SJI National Pony Committee Discovery League


Flag of Ulster - Wikipedia Ulster Region Flag of Ulster - Wikipedia


Eglinton Equestrian Centre 1st/2nd April

Cavan Equestrian Centre  TBC

Kernans Equestrian Centre 22nd/23rd April

Coleraine RDA   7th May

Portmore Equestrian Centre  28th May

Meadows Equestrian Centre  3rd June

Banbridge Charity Show 11th June

Castle Irvine     TBC

Omagh Show 1st July

Enniskillen Pony Show  29th July

File:Flag of Munster.svg - WikipediaMunster Region File:Flag of Munster.svg - Wikipedia

Shanakill 10/4
Kingdom fair 6/5
Liskennett 21/6
Tipperary 28/5
Mallow 4/6
Corofin 22/7
Clare/castle 29/7
Aglish 7/8
Middleton TBC




Leinster flag - Sinn Féin BookshopLeinster Region Leinster flag - Sinn Féin Bookshop

Butterfly Farm 16th April 

Raheen Na Gun 23rd April

Edgeworthtown 28th May

Balivor 10th/ 11 June

Wexford 18th June

Ballyfolye 25th June

Kilossery 15th July

Mullingar 16th July

Coilog 29th/ 30th July

Connaught Region 



Dates and Venues are subject to change



Click here for updated rules for the 2023 Season



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