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Milchem Equestrian Centre Winter League

Horses & Ponies (SS)

Milchem Equestrian Centre, Galway

Sunday 28 November 2021 Horses 90cm
Horse Competition
Fence Height: 90cms

Total Number of Entries: 9
Rider YRJUCOH Animal Year of
YO Color Gender Owner Sire Dam Sire
of Dam
15:15 Jonathan Guinan Lance 2015 7 Bay Gelding Jonathan Guinan
1 15:18 Ciara Hickey [A] Noggus Cliff 2015 7 Bay Gelding Kieran Claffey Stetter Flighty Jess Grey Gentleman Kieran Claffey
2 15:21 Sylvia Baumberger [A] Corradarrons Mr Jones 2009 Bay Gelding Sylvia Baumberger Dow Jones Courcel Desdamona Cavalier Royale
3 15:24 Gillian Dunlop Castleturvin Libertina 2009 Skewbald Mare Gillian Dunlop Defi Platiere Possum
4 15:53 Meadhbh Mealiff Advokat 2017 5 Grey Gelding Kevin Mealiff
5 15:30 Ciara Hickey [A] Noggus Jess 2014 8 Grey Mare Kieran Claffey Stetter Flighty Jess Grey Gentleman Kieran Claffey
6 15:43 Conor Dunlop (JU/YR) Castleturvin Archie B HSI 2017 5 Bay Gelding Gillian Dunlop Amigo B KWPN Leam Silver Dream CP Quilca Silver CP Jennifer Dunlop
7 15:47 Dylan Connolly Caheradoo Lucky 2017 5 Chestnut Mare Kevin Fawl
8 15:50 Meadhbh Mealiff Monaco (KWPN) 2017 5 Chestnut Gelding Kevin Mealiff Zirocco Blue VDL Indy Gold Bubalu VDL