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killossery lodge stud Horses & Ponies League


killossery lodge stud
dublin, k67f210, Dublin

Saturday 12 June 2021 90
Horse Competition
Fence Height: 90cms

Total Number of Entries: 12
Rider YRJUCOH Animal Year of
YO Color Gender Owner Sire Dam Sire
of Dam
1 10:25 Ciara Munnelly Fortuil 2015 6 Bay Gelding Ciara Munnelly Cobra Old Meadow Luxy Lu Lux Z Noreen Maher
2 10:18 Heather Curtin [A] Ricz Pasta 2002 Chestnut Gelding Heather Curtin Ricardo Z Impasta Master Imp Michael Hayes
3 10:20 Mary Ferris ARDEO DIME 2008 Bay Gelding Mary Ferris French Buffet
4 10:23 Ita Kinahan La Perle 2003 Brown Mare Ita Kinahan Je Suis Francais Carrigatee Lass Regular Guy Peter McEneaney (Jnr)
5 10:25 yvonne hughes Captain Joey Blue 2010 Grey Gelding yvonne hughes
6 10:36 Ciara Browne Belsgrove Mane Man 2005 Piebald Gelding Ciara Browne
7 10:27 Nadia Verschoyle PMR Kingsdale Diamond 2001 Bay Gelding Nadia Verschoyle Glidawn Diamond Portduff Pat Polly Lad
8 10:29 Kate Hutcheson Dolmen De Klerk 2014 7 Bay Gelding Kate Hutcheson Royal Concorde Wanas-Di-Na Warkanson Mr. Jack Murphy
9 10:32 Vicky Rafter Arkans Diamond 2015 6 Bay Gelding Vicky Rafter Arkan Cullaghmore Queen Carrick Diamond Lad Victoria Darcy & Michael Rafter
10 10:35 Amy Donnelly Voltaime 2015 6 Bay Gelding Don Donnelly
11 10:37 Amy Lynagh (YR) RD Masterclass 2013 8 Brown Gelding Amy Lynagh HIGH ROLLER UPTOWN BE MY GUEST John and Michelle Weld
12 10:40 Laura Clinton Ferro Di Cavallo 2006 Bay Gelding Laura Clinton S Creevagh Ferro Ex Siebe Miss Montana Fiona Lyons