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General Information

First Name
Year Last Registered
South Leinster
Full Horse

Horses & Ponies

Reg. No.NameTypeTotal Points
160270 1234567 Horse 0
1777904 Belushi Horse 9
9023852 Bitter Sweet Horse 0
9439358 Bush Flight Pony 767
1717820 Capone Horse 0
9520333 Connollys Joke Horse 8
1782185 Conquistador Horse 30
9572592 Cool Buster Pony 131
1830724 Cool Million Horse 107
9113002 Corrigan Horse 0
1732773 Erkina King Horse 27
9023887 Essen Horse 0
9520368 Fair Joke Horse 5
2421562 Fair Master Horse 4
1702203 For Keeps Horse 9
1774174 French Mist Horse 17
9482296 Golden Serpent Horse 7
1941127 Golden Servant Horse 9
2710382 He's Cool Horse 2
4207166 Holy Moly Horse 0
1959603 Imperial Grange Horse 7
9072322 Inspector Horse 0
9450394 Katalei San Marco Horse 6
2374868 Keep The Faith Horse 41
1772686 Kilcullen Bay Horse 0
1414348 Kiltealy Daisy Horse 0
1860704 Kyle Blaze Horse 10
9125841 Landtax Horse 0
9520341 Lennys Rock Horse 3
9101918 Lifeline Horse 0
1627686 Lighthouse Horse 0
2723964 Lin Mac Cool Horse 10
9571384 Mask Of Zorro Pony 4
1758675 Matlock Horse 13
9101896 Miracle Horse 0
1690396 Montreal Horse 45
9566041 My Buddy (IHR) Pony 21
9492593 Natures Glory Pony 756
9072349 New Return Horse 0
1768123 New Zealand Horse 24
1729357 Nier Valley Horse 0
4266631 Peak Performance Horse 4
1902792 Rin Tin Tin Horse 2
9072330 Royal Agent Horse 0
4068545 Royal Master Piece Horse 6
2710396 Royal Mix Horse 1
1913395 Royal Servant Horse 1
9088938 Scobble Horse 0
1666460 Smart Horse 0
9072314 Snow Bolt Pony 0
1701843 Star Slip Horse 0
9601196 Tesse D Horse 160
9480927 The Magic Man Horse 1
1941135 The Rookie Horse 18
2119854 These Days Horse 6
9023895 Tough Hill Horse 0
1880632 Treat Me Right Horse 7
4096770 Typical Male Horse 0
2180278 Whoopie Horse 0

Horses and Ponies Competed On

Alchar Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Ambassadrice Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
B.F.G. Barry O'connor & Conor Swail
Ballyquirke Flight Marian Walsh
Bamford Gold Thomas A Hatton
Barclay's Rock Test Vincent Byrne
Barolo Charlotte Gervais
Becketts Diamond Terri Ogley
Belong To Me Eamonn Murphy
Black Number Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Bolivar Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Border Mink Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Bouton D'Or Orla Hughes
Carlanstown Grandpa Isabelle Rouviere
Carraig Dubh Minister For Defence
Castlehacket Bess John Murphy
Cavalla Rennie Buenting
Chanterelle Eva Hutchinson
Cloghala Lass Deirdre O'neill
Clover Sovereign Bobby Flynn
Connollys Joke Michael Hutchinson
Cool Million Michael Hutchinson
Coolmore Bonita Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Coolmore Churchill Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Coolmore Connoisseur Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Coolmore Lanceros Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Coolmore Robusto Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Crocodile Dandy Con Mcelroy
Cullenagh Lucille Johnnie Fitzpatrick
Cullenagh Lucinda Una O Gorman
Diamond Harry Peter Oates
Dinan Danny Jason Moore
Echoing Ollie Hutchinson
Egon Hilary Knott
Erikna Classic Anne Downey
Erkina Gem Anne Downey
Fair Joke Michael Hutchinson
Fair Master Michael Hutchinson
Ferrero Rocher Kelly Aylward
Fundador Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Glascott Monica Cairns
Golden Ace Orla Hughes
Golden Servant Michael Hutchinson
Goodwins Glory Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Great Spirit Archived_Animals Archived_Animals
Have A Ball Annelie Phelan
He's Cool Michael Hutchinson
Hobnob Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Horse Review's King Walter Isabelle Rouviere
Indiane D'Espoir Seamus Hutchinson
Jumpingaround Dotcom Jan Heine
Keep The Faith Michael Hutchinson
Kennady Terri Ogley
Kilfeacle Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Killeen Promise Jeremy Cash
Kiltorcan Cliff Joe O'connell
La Providenza James Mcmahon
Lee Ann Michael Hutchinson Jnr
Lin Mac Cool Michael Hutchinson
Lis-Makin Minister For Defence
Listooder Imp Henry Graham
Little Black Dress Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Little Elle Jimmy Dermody
Lucky Valier Linda Courtney
Luki (Ger) Bernard Sorg
Market Square Ivor Broderick
Marlton Rule Of Law Mary Counihan
Myceltic Imposter Jan Heine
Myceltic Tiger Jan Heine
Old Ireland Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Packa Punch Orla Hughes
Petit Punch Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Pinopel Patrick Lenihan
Prospect Peter Ann Byrne
Puissance Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Raheenwood Hillie Amy Mccarthy
Reveille Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Royal Bounty Loftus O'neill
Royal Brigadoon Slyguff Slyguff Stud
Royal Commander Slyguff Slyguff Stud
Royal Countess Barbara Hatton
Royal Fusilier Donnacha Dermody
Royal General Loftus O'neill
Royal Joker Slyguff Slyguff Stud
Royal Lieutenant Slyguff Slyguff Stud
Royal Master Piece Michael Hutchinson
Royal Mix Michael Hutchinson
Royal Quest Barry O'Connor
Royal Sovereign Slyguff Slyguff Stud
Savoy Herbert Stanley
Seymour Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Silent Lady David duplicate Ryan do not use
Sir Stormy Breeze Eddie Dowling
Skyfur Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
South Seas Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Sparkling Clover John Lucas
Sumas Patriot Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Sumas Skys Ablaze Suma Stud
The Pelican Brief Ruth Henderson
The Rookie Michael Hutchinson
These Days Michael Hutchinson
Time Flies Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe
Trigger Jack Tom Hatton
Tropical Marion Hughes
Trousseau Carolyn Lanigan-O'keeffe
Tullibards Shakespeare Hans Jurgen Kuehnle
Tuscany Test Vincent Byrne
Would You Believe Caroline O'brien
Xxxxxx Gary Quinn
Young Seymour Stephen Lanigan-O'keeffe