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General Information

First Name
Year Last Registered
No Branch
Course Designer, Trainer, Adult Owner

Horses & Ponies

Reg. No.NameTypeTotal Points
9565957 After Four Horse 361
5308181 Auroras Diamond Horse 81
9568354 Ballantrae Horse 61
4584146 Ben Mullier Horse 446
9604569 Berg Uno Horse 72
9575264 Blaney Horse 0
9571343 Boeing Horse 353
9583834 Bright Vd Dwerse Hagen Horse 26
5403134 calrino Horse 46
9583052 Cameron D H Horse 0
2347257 Canal Court Horse 26
1821652 Carnival Blaze Horse 0
1715895 Carrickdale Boy Horse 102
9581132 Celine V D Withoeve Z Horse 84
9524142 Cheyne Walk Horse 364
9605788 Clinton's Boy Horse 66
9126260 Coast To Coast Horse 0
5665328 Cobrador Horse 134
9045031 Condy Horse 0
9414258 Crafty Shot Horse 9
9472126 Dungannon Horse 0
9604687 Edouard Van Het Cabernhol Horse 12
2682860 Global Touch Horse 3
9484345 Good For A Touch Horse 60
9565959 Hairy Mary Horse 0
9583829 Hazelberg's Incredible Pony 263
9568353 Henry Boy Horse 5
9565960 Hey There Horse 0
9112480 Ijm Touch Down Horse 410
9568405 Imperial Boy Horse 0
9575263 Jackie J Horse 0
1625535 John Henry Horse 0
9636967 Johnny Jinx Pony 195
9583830 Jose Mourihno Horse 81
9567444 Kaotique Horse 86
9604816 Kernans Choice Horse 0
9445269 Lady Sable Horse 30
2444476 Laredo Horse 70
5660842 Last Deal Horse 11
2462211 Loving Touch Pony 21
9575265 Mc Sorley Horse 0
1683357 Megan Horse 0
9602078 Mexx Pony 193
9509534 Midnight Touch Horse 0
9053123 Moment Horse 0
9565958 Mr Fizz Horse 102
9510338 Mr Ridley Horse 170
1904132 Murphy's Son Horse 198
9427252 My Del Boy Horse 12
2750364 No Limit Horse 16
9569736 No Touch Pony 2
9575444 Northern Touch Horse 0
9479511 Out Of Touch Horse 517
9578739 Pele (K W P N) Horse 53
20172353 Prince Pacino Horse 29
9576046 Redsail Daisy Pony 599
9570490 Robert's Touch Horse 0
9501363 Romantic Touch Horse 1
1410857 Rossmore Imp Horse 0
2403588 Royale Attitude Horse 208
9569735 Saving Touch Pony 11
9575266 Shercock Horse 0
9479562 Silver Ace Horse 0
9472118 Silver Chimes Horse 0
9600998 Silvestro Z Horse 104
1915266 Stop The Clock Horse 16
2566967 Sweet Audela Horse 106
9583051 Tarquin M Horse 184
9584678 Thor (K W P N) Horse 45
9479554 Touch Up Horse 21
9542582 Twist Again Horse 140
9588635 Vinday Horse 316
9588637 Wild Dancer Horse 66
9591111 Wopper Horse 183
4556864 You Know and I Know Horse 6
9602756 Zack Horse 45
9602267 Zappo Horse 110
9600999 Zero Tolerance (Kwpn) Horse 19
9575443 Zero Touch Horse 0
9602755 Zuno Horse 25

Horses and Ponies Competed On

After Four James Kernan
All Shook Up Shirley Kernan
Attaché Katrina Erdok
Auroras Diamond James Kernan
Ballantrae James Kernan
Ben Mullier James Kernan
Berg Uno James Kernan
Bergin Linda Marion Fahey
Bluelier Catherine Hartley
Boeing James Kernan
Bonjour Mademoiselle Trevor Horgan
Bright Vd Dwerse Hagen James Kernan
Bronan Linda Marion Fahey
Cameron D H James Kernan
Canal Court James Kernan
Cashew 2 Shirley Kernan
Castaway Lad Linda Marion Fahey
Castleroche Red October Heather Purcell
Cavalier Glen Thomas Hyland
Cavalier Z Shirley Kernan
Celine V D Withoeve Z James Kernan
Cesar Z David Prentice B M W
Cheyne Walk James Kernan
City Touch Vi Young
Clapton Martin Mccaughey
Clashnacree Elaine Fahy
Classic Fame John Simunovitch
Clinton's Boy James Kernan
Clo Gyp Shirley Kernan
Clover Dale Boy Anne Brennan
Cooney Island Eamon Bishop
Corrick Hill Diana Shirley Kernan
Crack Of Dawn Shirley Kernan
Dancing Boy X Xxxxxxxxx
Dazzal Frank Kernan
Dazzle Frank Kernan
Dragon Vd Heffinck Shirley Kernan
Edouard Van Het Cabernhol James Kernan
Fire Side Chat Eamon Bishop
Flan Boy Paul Gilsenan
Get In Touch Judy Murphy
Gleeneely Michael T Connolly
Global Touch James Kernan
Good For A Touch James Kernan
Hazelberg's Incredible James Kernan
Henry Street Marion Murphy
Henry's Man Frank Kernan
Idle Wilde David Prentice B M W
Ijm Touch Down James Kernan
Imperial Flight (Bsja) Barbara Stallard
Infatuation Shirley Kernan
Irish Fiction Anne Wilkinson
Jose Mourihno James Kernan
Keep in Touch (ihr) Trevor Horgan
Kernans Choice James Kernan
Killeenduff Boy Sarah Wardell
Killybegs Schubert Malachy Mcdaniel-Stone
Kinelowen Austin Broderick
Lapsus Du Ry Shirley Kernan
Laredo James Kernan
Laredos Daughter Adrienne McGuinness
Lets Talk Eamon Bishop
Little Touch Of Red Eugene McEntee
Loving Touch James Kernan
Maia Linda Marion Fahey
Miss Supreme Touch Shirley Kernan
Moneymaker Archived_Animals Archived_Animals
Mr Fizz James Kernan
Mr Henry Herbert Brown
Mr Ridley James Kernan
My Black Diamond Tom Treanor
No Limit James Kernan
Out Of Touch James Kernan
Pele (K W P N) James Kernan
Pico Bellos Stal Ham Adrian Gilmartin
Premier Butterfly Shauna Wilson
Premier Rose Richie O'hara
Premier Sport Archived_Animals Archived_Animals
Qui Boss Yuka Shigeeda
Rinnwood Diamond Touch Seamus Morgan
Romantic Touch James Kernan
Royal Touch Angela Larkin
Royale Attitude James Kernan
Rubis Du Bisson Andrew Rafferty
Santos Angela Short
Satin Touch Eamon Bishop
Saving Touch James Kernan
Showdown Xxx Xxx
Skip N'school Shirley Kernan
Special K Ii Shirley Kernan
Star Act (Old) Elaine McGowan
Steinberg Anne Sweeney
Stop The Clock James Kernan
Sweet Audela James Kernan
Swingtime Maria O Donnell
Tarquin M James Kernan
Thanx Harry Marshall
Thor (K W P N) James Kernan
Tigris M Shirley Kernan
Timeout Michael T Connolly
To Be A Touch Shirley Kernan
Tobias (Kwpn) Shirley Kernan
Tomorrow's News Bobby Killoran
Tony's Flight Frank Kernan
Touch Base Gina O'Brien
Trapatoni Kevin Thornton
Twist Again James Kernan
Vida Dancer H Archived_Animals Archived_Animals
Vinday James Kernan
Vuga Vuga Cathal Mcmunn
Vuidam Shirley Kernan
Watermark Desmond & Shane Mcfadden
Waytugo Lucy Allen
Wild Dancer James Kernan
Wings Van Sint Maarten Ruth Will
Woodview Angel John Walsh
World Cup M Shirley Kernan
WV Klontaire Grainne Ryan
You Know and I Know James Kernan
Zack James Kernan
Zuno James Kernan