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General Information

First Name
Year Last Registered
No Branch
Full Horse

Horses & Ponies

Reg. No.NameTypeTotal Points
9541772 Allaska Horse 300
9442715 April Sun Horse 8
2115018 Ard Girlie Horse 0
9605337 Barcelona (KWPN) Horse 173
9075917 Bardot Horse 0
5119776 Be Be Horse 158
4615320 Bee Line Horse 12
9574386 Belissimo Horse 154
2395966 Biloxi Horse 46
9604383 Bordeaux (KWPN) Horse 102
9104801 Bronx Horse 0
9442723 Burbank Horse 348
9591374 C.N.C. Horse 81
1937642 Carrig Flight Horse 70
1734768 Centre Fold Horse 9
9079289 Chief Executive Horse 0
9605457 Chirokko M Horse 233
9604718 Ciscos Chateau Horse 106
9574385 Citrus Horse 156
9522832 Contrast Horse 52
9571237 Copper Candy Horse 18
9507744 Corcavado Horse 5
9506489 Couture Horse 43
2294974 Cruise Connection Horse 8
2194082 Cruise Line Horse 615
9571644 Dado De Revel (Fei) Horse 233
9523448 Darleen Horse 94
9639511 Daylight VHS Z Horse 34
9563803 Diesil Horse 32
9075925 Ebony Horse 0
9478485 Erotic Horse 129
9571645 Exander (Fei) Horse 244
1730665 Fashion Horse 276
1796437 Fast Lane Horse 3
9414495 Fraulin Horse 101
2287730 Gabanna Horse 41
5326720 Georgio Horse 36
9065822 Gigolo Horse 0
9506462 Glamour Horse 0
9478493 Gunsmoke Horse 87
9412743 Harrison Horse 0
9482059 Homeboy Horse 52
9545824 India Horse 17
2545228 Joburg Horse 0
9591373 Kanada Horse 124
9639133 Kindom Come Horse 20
9602450 Kingdom Horse 120
9541802 Ladey Horse 0
9641969 Liverpool Horse 2
1836374 Mandella Horse 11
9639192 Mistral VT Dauwhof Horse 21
9568382 Montana (Kwpn) Horse 0
9467378 Mr Maximum Horse 138
9075909 Munro Horse 0
9577094 Nichilson Horse 10
9447393 Notorius Horse 12
1790153 Obsession Horse 33
9564930 Ollie's Party Piece Horse 148
9541764 Orchestra Horse 10
2449872 Oscarello Horse 50
9541799 Overcast Horse 339
1805878 Pacific Heights Horse 6
9571781 Pakko (Fei) Horse 156
9100822 Papillon (Bel) Horse 0
9563551 Posh Horse 79
9563553 Prada Horse 3
9478469 Quarter Back Horse 0
9043993 Rendez Vous Horse 0
9117253 Ritchie Horse 0
9569673 Romance Horse 113
9568663 Seduction Horse 6
9104445 Slapshot Horse 0
1919172 Swanky Horse 215
2268728 Talcum Horse 2
2463662 Thanx Horse 275
9478507 That's Why Horse 137
1672797 The Music Man Horse 255
9564921 Tobacco Horse 0
2554014 Tuxedo Horse 47
9405011 Tyrone Horse 0
2198819 Western Bridge Horse 117
2401054 Xl Horse 69
9603594 Zeven Horse 49

Horses and Ponies Competed On

Abbey Villa Paul Devlin
Above And Beyond Mark Ashe
All Shook Up Shirley Kernan
Allaska Harry Marshall
Audi's Morningstar Dawn Marshall
Barcelona (KWPN) Harry Marshall
Be Be Harry Marshall
Bee Line Harry Marshall
Belissimo Harry Marshall
Bellaney Breeze Amanda C Farr
Belvidere David Prentice B M W
Bens Lady Lux Shannon Mackenzie
Bergin Linda Marion Fahey
Biloxi Harry Marshall
Bluelier Catherine Hartley
Bordeaux (KWPN) Harry Marshall
Burbank Harry Marshall
C.N.C. Harry Marshall
Cavalier Kid Pauline Mckeown
Cavalier Z Shirley Kernan
Chirokko M Harry Marshall
Citrus Harry Marshall
Clarion Hotels Coolcorron Cool Diamond Robert Splaine
Classic Twosome Lorna Kenny
Claudio Gary Marshall
Copper Candy Harry Marshall
Corrado David Prentice B M W
Couture Harry Marshall
Cranberry Ice Edward Mulligan
Cruise Connection Harry Marshall
Cruise Line Harry Marshall
Curragh Guilt Edge Con Mcelroy
Dado De Revel (Fei) Harry Marshall
Darleen Harry Marshall
Day Dream Believer Grace Santry
Daylight VHS Z Harry Marshall
Dazzal Frank Kernan
Derryinver Luxury Cruise Paul Larkin
Diesil Harry Marshall
Domino (Fei) Waterside Waterside Stud
Double O Dillon Broadmeadow Equestrian Centre
Down Town Lady Victoria Loane
Dublin Bobby Killoran
Dunlevin Boy Claire Hedgecock
Early Morn Brigid Simunovich
El Campeons Ado Annie Larkin Bros Int Ltd
Erotic Harry Marshall
Exander (Fei) Harry Marshall
Fashion Harry Marshall
First Verdi Cathal McMunn & Harry Marshall
Flambeau Savannah Marshall
Flashy Clover Lisa Rosbotham
Gabanna Harry Marshall
Garronturton Lady J W Rosbotham
Gennaro Z Kristopher Marshall
Goodfella J V Primrose
Hollie Go Lightly Lynne Kennedy
Homeboy Harry Marshall
Ikan Edith O'Sullivan
India Harry Marshall
Irelander Mark Ashe
Joburg Harry Marshall
Juicy Victoria Loane
Kan Kan Dawn Marshall
Kanada Harry Marshall
Kazan Susan Sinclair
Kilronan Chin Eileen Duggan
Kindom Come Harry Marshall
Kingdom Harry Marshall
Kublai Khan Alan Swan
Lord Ivor Jess Sweeley
Loving Touch James Kernan
Lullabye Gary Marshall
Mandrin Smoke Kristopher Marshall
Mansfield Cruise David Prentice B M W
Marlon Chris O'kelly
Miss Imperial Renata Coleman
Miss Siss Lisa Rosbotham
Miss Spot On Olive Clarke
Mistral VT Dauwhof Harry Marshall
Morgangold Major Sigrid Jackel
Morgenster (N H S) J V Primrose
Nichilson Harry Marshall
Night Lux Gary Marshall
No Limit James Kernan
Norbies Leap Joan Mcelroy
Ollie's Party Piece Harry Marshall
On Line Archived_Animals Archived_Animals
Orchestra Harry Marshall
Oscarello Harry Marshall
Overcast Harry Marshall
Pacific Des Etisses Dawn Marshall
Pakko (Fei) Harry Marshall
Phantasy David Prentice B M W
Pico Bellos Stal Ham Adrian Gilmartin
Plenty Kristopher Marshall
Point Blank Archived_Animals Archived_Animals
Posh Harry Marshall
Prada Harry Marshall
Promise (Kwpn) J W Rosbotham
Rainman (I H R) Dawn Marshall
Romance Harry Marshall
Romeo (KWPN) Gillian Millar
Royal Dutch (Fei) Dawn Marshall
Santa Gary Frew
Scirocco Delle Brendan Murphy
Seduction Harry Marshall
Signor Sassi Jacqueline Yeomans
Silvano Van Texelbos Mark Ashe
Special Leap Cormac Mc Elroy
Splendido Dawn Marshall
Sundance (Fei) Lorraine Leavesley
Swanky Harry Marshall
Swift (K W P N) Dawn Marshall
Thanx Harry Marshall
That's Why Harry Marshall
The Magic Man (Fei) Bobby Killoran
The Music Man Harry Marshall
Tobacco Harry Marshall
Tobias (Kwpn) Shirley Kernan
Tuxedo Harry Marshall
Tyrella Heatwave Gerry Quinn
Vale Avee Forever Jack Mckinley
Velvisto (Fei) Joe Sloan
Western Bridge Harry Marshall
Whisper (FEI) Gary Frew
Xl Harry Marshall
Zandiago Dawn Marshall
Zeven Harry Marshall