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Inter Provincial Series



It is with great regret that the National Pony Committee announce the postponement of the Inter Provincial Pony Finals at Coilog on the 10th and 11th of October, pending a further statement.




New for 2020


A series of regional qualifiers covering a range of classes from 128 / 50cm to 148 / 1.20m will be hosted at selected venues in each region. 
Each region will stage it's own final.
The top 10 placings from each class in the regional finals will qualify for the   "INTER PROVINCIAL NATIONAL SERIES FINAL." Venue and date TBC.




***Notice for all centres and standalone shows***

Any centre or standalone show wishing to host a leg of the following 2020 Pony Leagues must contact their Regional Secretary or Regional Pony Rep by the 1st of November 2019:

  • The Walter Reape Newcomers 50cms League (1 class, 128 ponies)
  • Young Pony Series(128 4&5 yr old – 80cm, 128 6&7 – 90cm, 138 4&5 yr old – 90cm, 138 6&7 – 1m, 148 4&5 yr old – 1m, 148 6&7 – 1.10m)

All of the above leagues are subject to change. Classes can be incorporated into existing classes but must be of the height stated. Shows and Centres must provide secretary with proposed date for 2018 show.

For more information contact your regional rep or the SJI office on 045 852230.


Click Here for Munster Interprovincal Table 


Click Here For Connacht Interprovincal Table 


Click Here For Leinster Qualified Riders


Click Here For Ulster Qualified Riders 



Interprovincial Final 


Final 10th  & 11th October 

Venue Coilog Equestrian Centre

Minimum Prize fund €15,000 over the two days 


These are the 2020 Classes for the Interprovincial Challenge on day one


🍀Newcomers 50 (optimum time)

🍀Newcomers 60 (optimum time)

🍀128 70

🍀128 80

🍀128 u10

🍀128 90

🍀128 1m

🍀138 80

🍀138 90

🍀138 1m

🍀138 1.10m

🍀148 90

🍀148 1m

🍀148 1.10m

🍀148 6 & 7 year old

🍀148 1.20m

🍀COH/Jr 1.10m




The National Interprovincial Series -  Leinster 


18/07/2020 Coilog Equestrian

19/07/2020 Coilog Equestrian

02/08/2020 Raheen Na Gun

16/08/2020 Inistioge

21/08/2020 Mullingar TRI Pony Show

22/08/2020 Mullingar TRI Pony Show

23/08/2020 Mullingar TRI Pony Show

30/08/2020 Dunnamaggin Gymkhana

05/09/2020 Raheen Na Gun

06/09/2020 Broadmeadows

06/09/2020 Warrington Equestrian Centre

10/09/2020 Coilog Equstrian

12/09/2020 Coilog Equestrian (Leinster Pony/IP Q | Glencarraig Q)

12/09/2020 Raheen Na Gun (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

12/08/2020 Warrington Equestrian Centre (Leinster Pony/IP Q | Glencarraig Q)

13/09/2020 Broadmeadow (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

13/09/2020 Butterfly Farm (Leinster Pony/IP Q | Glencarraig Q | Future Champ Q | YPS Q)

13/09/2020 JAG Equestrian (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

17/09/2020 Coilog Equestrian (Leinster Pony/IP Q | Glencarraig Q | Walter Reape Newcomer)

19/09/2020 Raheen Na Gun (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

19/09/2020 Wexford Equestrian (Leinster Pony/IP Q | Glencarraig Q | Walter Reape Newcomer | YPS Q )

19/09/2020 Jag Equestrian PP  (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

20/09/2020 Broadmeadows (Leinster Pony/IP Q | Glencarraig Q | Walter Reape Newcomer | YPS Q )

20/09/2020 Butterfly Farm (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

20/09/2020 JAG Equestrian Autumn League (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

24/09/2020 Coilog Equestrian (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

26/09/2020 Coilog Equestrian (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

26/09/2020 Raheen Na Gun (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

26/09/2020 River Lodge Equestrian (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

26/08/2020 Warrington Equestrian Centre (Leinster Pony/IP Q)

27/08/2020 Wexford Equestrian Centre (Leinster Pony/ IP Final)


  • 3 Class appearances to qualify for Leinster final.
  • An athlete may compete a maximum of 3 ponies per class at the Leinster finals.
  • To qualify for the National Finals the combination must be placed in the top 10 in the Leinster Championships/Interprovincial Finals at Wexford Equestrian Centre on 27/09/2020
  • An athlete may compete a maximum of 2 ponies per class at the National Interprovincial Finals
  • NB if qualifying places are not taken up at the National final Leinster will offer qualifications outside the top 10
The National Interprovincial Series -  Munster 
  • Limrick/Clare Branch Show 30th of August
  • Tipperary Equestrian Centre 6th of September
  • Roscrea Equestrian Centre 13th of September   
  • Tipperary Equestrian Centre 27th of September (Final)


  • This is a league based series for qualification for the national interprovincial finals 
  • All Sji points accumulated throughout the Munster series and including the final will be totalled to produce a  final league table with the 10 highest placed riders in each class going forward to represent Munster at the finals.
  • All rider pony combinations must compete in Munster final to be eligible to jump at the national finals.
  • An athlete may complete a maximum of two ponies per class at Munster and national finals.
  • Two height band rule applies to pony rider combinations 
  • Pony rider combinations must jump a minimum of one leg of the Munster series to be eligible to jump in the Munster final