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Due to unforeseen circumstances Maryville Stables will be changing the date of the Grand Prix Show to the 23rd and 24th of September. 

Declarations for the 1.20m,1.30m and the National Grand Prix, which will be held on Sunday 24th of September will open on the Monday and close Thursday. 

Revised schedule to follow this afternoon. 



Regional Leadboards

Munster 1.10m -TBC

Munster 360 Equine and Precision Joint 1.20m

Munster Connolly Red Mills 1.35m

Leinster 1.10m

Leinster Mervue  Equine 1.20m -TBC

Leinster Mervue Equine 1.35m 

Connaught Hygeia 1.15m

Connaught 1.25m

Connaught Sven Hadley Self Hire 1.35m 

Ulster TRI 1.10m

Ulster TRI 1.20m

Ulster TRI 1.35m




Points Allocation


Authorised Shows Indoor & Outdoors

Class Points Rounds/Places
4 Year Old 1 1 Clear Round
4 Year Old 2 2 Clear Round
5 Year Old 3 2 Clear Rounds
6 Year Old  3 2 Clear Rounds
7 Year Old 3 2 Clear Rounds
80cm 1 2 Clear Rounds
90cm   1 2 Clear Rounds
1.00m 2 2 Clear Rounds 
1.10m-1.20m 3 2 Clear Rounds
1.30m & above  10,8,6,4,3,3  1 - 6 places (a clear round must be jumped)
+ (3 points for additional double clears)

Special Classes e.g: Puissance, Derby, Accumulators, Top Score classes etc. will have points allocated as per the height they are competing. In classes of 1.30m and above/Grade C and above SJAI points are awarded as follows providing that a clear first round has been jumped: All year – 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 3
In One round competitions the points for the six places are awarded regardless of faults, provided the round is completed.
In One round competitions for 1.10m and 1.20m horse classes, the points awarded for the top 6 places are 6,5,4,3,3,3 regardless of faults, provided the first round is completed.
In One round competitions below 1.10m no points will be awarded.
In 1.10m, 1.20m horse classes where time is a deciding factor, points to be awarded as follows:
1st -  6 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd -  4 points
4th/5th/6th and remainder of double clears - 3 points
In Classes for 1.30m and above, points will also be awarded for for additional horses jumping a double clear round as per the points for 6th place [3 points]

Specific competitions for Junior and Young Riders will be allocated points by the animal's appropriate Grade or Metre Height.
In 1.30m classes for horses, points will be given for double clear rounds jumped as per the points for 6th place (3 points), outside of the top six.
Specific competitions for Juniors and Young Riders will be allocated points by their appropriate grades.
No class less than 1.10m is permitted to have a jump-off against the clock, with the exception of 80cm, 90cm and 1.00m Finals.
Four Year Old Class cannot be jumped off against the clock. This does not apply to four year olds jumping in 1.10m classes or above.
Temporary Tickets cannot gain points.
Fence Dimentions

Class Fence Height
4 Year Olds 1.10m
5/6 year olds 1.20m 
7 year old and above/Open 1.30m 
Grand Prix  1.40m / 1.50m 
Amateurs AA  1.10m / 1.15m 
Amateurs A  1.05m / 1.10m 


1.20m International Trials/Comps with approval of National Amateur Committee.

Restricted/Open Classes
A show organiser may limit animals by eithier age or points, in classes up to and including 1.20m

A 1.30m class is 'open' regardless of prize fund
Hors Concours
Horses competing Hors Concours may not win a prize or token of any kind.
It is the responsibility of the athlete/owner/agent to mark 'H/C' on the jumping ticket.
The same animal may not compete with a registered ticket in any later competition, on the same day, at the same show, having once participated Hors Concours.
An animal may jump twice H/C on the same day.
An animal may jump Hors Concours on the first day of a 2 day show or one of longer duration and then jump in competition on the 2nd or later days.
Grading Bands
Grade E     0 -30
Grade D   31 -75
Grade C   76 -150
Grade B 151 -200
Grade A 201 +
Old Points allocation system for Shows Indoor & Outdoors in (2010)


  Points    Points     
Class Feb/March April/Dec Rounds/Places 
4 Year Old 2 2 Clear Rounds
5 Year Old  2 2 2 Clear Rounds 
6 Year Old  2 3 2 Clear Rounds
7 Year Old 2 3 2 Clear Rounds 
80cm   1 1 2 Clear Rounds 
90cm  1 1 2 Clear Rounds 
1.00m  2 2 2 Clear Rounds 
1.10m-1.20m  2 3 2 Clear Rounds