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General Information for Ponies




Spurs – Spurs can be used in ponies in all 148cms height categories, the 138 1.00m, 1.10m and 1.20m and the 128 90, 1m and 1.10m  and must be of blunt metal and no longer than 2cms

Stirrups – Stirrups used should be of correct size. They should have a minimum of ½ inch or 12mm clearance for safety. Please note that stirrups which are too large or too small are also not safe. Magnetic stirrups are not recommended.
Safety Irons where worn must be fitted correctly.

Riding Hat chin straps must be fastened and correctly fitted at all times when mounted in Pony Competitions.


Under 8/10 is one class and therefore a pony may only compete once either in the Under 8 or Under 10 sections and not in both
Assistance by leading a pony at any time during the round of a competition is not allowed.

Article 302. 9. Only correctly fitted hind fetlock boots are allowed to be worn on ponies, anywhere on the showgrounds. This does not affect boots / bandages worn on forelegs. The total amount of equipment allowed to be added to an animal's leg, front or hind (single or multiple boots, fetlock rings etc) is 500g (shoe excluded)

Pony Competitions: Grade D ponies, Newcomer ponies and 128 70/80cm, 138 80/90cm and 148 80/90/1.00m classes may not have the second or third round against the clock unless in the final of a league where there are at least four preliminary rounds prior to the final.
A pony may not be led at any time during the round of a competition. This does not include assistance to enter the arena or to leave the arena after a fall of pony or athlete.

Body Protectors: Properly fitting body protectors are recommended. When worn over the riding jacket, or instead of the riding jacket in hot weather, the body protector must be black or navy. Coloured body protectors must be worn inside and not over the jacket.


Reins: No draw reins/running reins are permitted anywhere on the showgrounds.
Only running, unrestricted martingales are permitted. Any schooling device where reins are attached to something other than directly to the bit, are not allowed.

Bits: No combination bits are allowed.
When Pelham bits are worn the rein may not be attached solely to this. Rubber/leather or sheepskin chain guards must be worn behind chains when worn. No Chain or strap is permitted behind gag or elevator type bits. To view the Approved Pony Bits click here


ARTICLE 254.N.B.1.1.1  In the Pony/Children on Horses category only fully paid up members of SJI, resident on the island of Ireland for 6 months of the calendar year, may take up a qualifying place in the RDS.  To be eligible to compete in the R.D.S. Qualifiers, both athlete and pony must be fully paid up with the S.J.I. and the ponies must fulfil the same criteria for measurement and points applied to Irish registered ponies.


Under current Department of Agriculture legislation it is illegal for any person to travel anywhere in the country with horses without the animal’s passport.  Please be aware that Department Officials have the authority to enter premises (i.e. Shows/Centres) and randomly verify whether those present have adhered to this law.
Sanctions will be imposed on any member found to be in breach of these regulations – See Appendix 11 of the S.J.I. Rule Book.

**Ponies attending SJI measuring venues and SJI events must be up-to-date with vaccinations. If they are not up-to-date with the vaccinations when attending a Measuring Venue they will be required to be vaccinated at the centre, otherwise they will be refused for measuring. Please visit the 'Veterinary' section for more details.

Temporary Tickets

Ponies jumping on temporary tickets cannot gain points. Temporary Tickets cost €5 for members, or €10 for non members or members who cannot produce their membership card, in addition to the published entry fee. Those using such tickets will not be eligible for grading points or prize money.
Once a temporary ticket has been used on the day that horse/pony may not then use a registered ticket in another class on the same day.

Temporary Tickets