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SJI Autumn Grand Prix Series 2023

Mullingar -  10th September 

Duffys  -     30th September

Portmore - 22nd October

Hollypark - 25th October

Wexford -  4th November

Cavan -    10th December.



Prize Fund

SJI Autumn Grand Prix Series 2022 Prize Money There must be a minimum of €6,000 for the Autumn Grand Prix (1.40m).

Prize money will be paid 1-8 placings.



Declarations for Grand Prix must be made to the S.J.I Office. Declarations will open at 10am on the preceding Monday and close at 4pm on the preceding Thursday of the Grand Prix. Riders may declare a maximum of 3 horses. Substitution of horses may be allowed with the consent of the Ground Jury. Substitutions of riders are not permitted.


Entry Fee

Entry Full entry of €45 for the Autumn Grand Prix (1.40m). Minimum Prize Fund of €6,000

A fine of €35 will be levied for each declared horse/rider that does not start a Grand Prix, unless the veterinary or medical certificate is provided within 3 working days. Any appeal against a fine must be made to the National Competitions Committee in writing within 21 days of the Grand Prix in question. Dress In accordance with S.J.I. rules or F.E.I. rules, if this is a prerequisite of the Show. In the latter case this must be stipulated in the Show Schedule. Riders are required to wear a number if provided.


Officials ▪ There should be a minimum of one Senior National Judge with a requirement of three Judges in total. The Ground Jury should be in accordance with the SJI ruling. There should also be a recognized Commentator in addition to the Judges’ requirements.


Course Designer The course must be designed and supervised by a member of the Senior National, Candidate International or International Panels of Course Designers. Safety cups must be used for the back poles of spread obstacles, and in the case of a triple bar to support the centre and back poles of the obstacle.


Appeal Committee: 3 in total (which shall include at least one Senior National Judge or above, who is not a member of the Ground Jury). No member of this committee may be related to a party who is interested in the result of the objection.


Starter A starter should be appointed who shall, subject to the Ground Jury, have complete authority at the entrance to the arena and may stop a competitor from entering the arena improperly dressed, with the incorrect saddlery etc. Prizes There is a minimum of one prize for every five starters.