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General Information for Judges







Judges who are registered for the current year are requested to apply to ShowjumpingIreland in writing to or S.J.I., Beech House, Millennium Park, Osberstown, Naas, Co. Kildare if they wish to receive a copy of the Bulletin.  Please note that only 1 Bulletin can be issued free of charge to a household where there are several members registered as Judges.

To search for registered Judges, click here.  To use the slightly more advanced search screen for Judges, please click here.

Deputy Judges:

Deputy Judges are not allowed to judge on their own.


Notice to All Officials:


Please ensure that your membership is up to date for 2017. Officials are not covered by SJI Insurance if officiating without their current membership being paid. If your name is not appearing on the relevant officials list for 2017, and your membership is paid, please contact Central Registry immediately to have this checked out.


Notice to Field Stewards:


Field Stewards - Please ensure that all Judges who have officiated at the Show for which you are acting as Field Steward, are listed on the Official Results List. It is important that a record of all Judges are recorded.

1.30m. Horse Classes:   Article 254N. 3.3
In 1.30m. classes, points will also be awarded for additional horses jumping a double clear round as per the points for 6th place (3 pts.)


Temporary Tickets: Article 294N. 2.


A Temporary Ticket may be purchased at the show at an additional cost to the entry fee. This is available to members and non-members for animals not currently registered, or without a current registration ticket to hand.

Registered animals competing on a Temporary Ticket may take part in their normal class, but may not compete in any competition on a registered ticket on the same day and are not eligible for Grading Points or Prize Money.

Unregistered animals may participate in the relevant category, i.e. correct pony height, or relevant metre class.

Members are not allowed jump on temporary tickets at 1.35m or above. Temporary tickets are currently available to members at €5. Non-members allowed to jump on temptickets up to: Horses:1m. Ponies: Glencarrig Lady League, Newcomers, U8/U10, 128 up to 128 80cms, 138 up to 138 90cms, 148 up to 148 1metre at an extra cost to the entry fee. Athletes jumping on Temporary Tickets cannot jump against the clock.


Article 274 Competition in two phases:


Please note under Article 274, time penalties for a Two Phase Competition are one penalty for every four seconds over the time allowed.


Modified Classes:


Please note that with immediate effect the bell should not be rung after the first round in M classes.

ShowjumpingIreland Judges Representatives

Chairman of Judges Committee for 2022 -

Chairperson Noel Burke - Tel No: 087 2231488

Leinster Region representative    Denise Prendergast - Tel No: 087 6309178

Ulster Region representative    Gordon Ireland - Tel No: 0044 75 76752002

Connaught Region representative  Audrey Geraghty - Tel No: 087 7767446

Munster Region representative  Marie Wheeler - 0879595255

Introduction to Judging

Please click here to download the 'Introduction to Judging' Booklet.

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