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National Young Pony Series

  • Kernan’s equestrian Centre 18th and 19th of July
  • Coilog Equestrian Center 18th and 19th July 
  • Glantane Equestrian Center 19th of July
  • Tipperary 19th of July 
  • Gransha Equestrian Centre 25th and 26th of July
  • Banner Equestrian Centre  26 of July
  • Meadows Equestrian Centre 1st of August
  • Sceilig Equestrian Centre 1st of August 
  • Raheen Na Gunn 2nd of August 
  • Cavan Equestrian Centre 6th – 9th of August
  • Meadows Equestrian Centre 15th of August
  • Inistioge 16th of August 
  • Ballindenisk 16th of August 
  • Dunnamaggin 30th of August 
  • Mullingar Equestrian Centre 22nd of August 
  • Wexford Equestrian Centre 23rd of August (postpond)
  • Meadows Equestrian Centre 29th of August  
  • Limerick/Clare Branch Show 30th August
  • Gransha Equestrian Centre 5th of September
  • Warrinton Equestrian Centre 6th of September 
  • Tipperary Equestrian Centre 6th of September  
  • Connell Hill Stud 6th of September  
  • Coilog Equestrian Center 10th of September  
  • Roscrea Equestrian Centre 13th of September
  • Butterfly Farm 13th of September 
  • Coilog Equestrian Centre 17th of September 
  • Wexford Equestrian Centre 19th of September  
  • Broadmeadows 20th of September 
  • Butterfly Farm 20th of September
  • Riverlodge Equestrian 26th of September  
  • Northern Indoor Pony Championship (Eglinton) 26 and 27th of September
  • Wexford Equestrian Centre 27th of September 
  • Coilog Equestrian Centre 10th & 11th of October (Final)

This League is for 128cm, 138cm and 148cm ponies aged 4,5,6,7

There is no points requirement


**Final at the National Pony Championships 2020**

Leinster Ulster Munster Connaught




CLICK HERE for 128 4&5 Year Old Qualified Combinations

CLICK HERE for 128 6&7 Year Old Qualified Combinations 

CLICK HERE for 138 4&5 Year Old Qualified Combinations 

CLICK HERE for 138 6&7 Year Old Qualified Combinations 

CLICK HERE for 148 4&5 Year Old Qualified Combinations 

CLICK HERE for 148 6&7 Year Old Qualified Combinations  


Fence Heights

128 4&5 year old 80cm

127 6&7 year old 90cm

138 4&5 year old 90cm

138 6&7 year old 1m

148 4&5 year old 1m

148 6&7 year old 1.10m



All 4 & 5 year old ponies will be judged under Art. 274.5.1 (The final will be judged following the format of 4 year old horse classes)


All 6 & 7 year old ponies will be judged under Art. 274.5.2 (The final will be udged under Art. 238.2.2)


No Temporary Tickets are permitted and athletes may not compete H.C.


To qualify for the final, a pony/rider combination must have a minimum first round clear at any of the qualifiers


There will be no league table, the list of qualified combinations can be viewed on this page and will be updated shortly after each qualifier


All combinations enter the Final on 0 points


An athlete may compete on 3 ponies per class and may qualify 3 ponies for the Final


Only qualified combinations may compete in the Final