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Conduct and Discipline – Agreement To Be Bound by the Rules


Agreement by Members to be Bound by the Rules.


Every member of the Association has, by completion of his membership form, agreed to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and all rules and regulations and bye-laws made hereunder, and has agreed that the decisions of the Executive Committee, Officials, Stewards and other competent authorities of the Association given in accordance therewith shall be binding upon him.


The following points highlight the most common misdemeanours which occur within the running of Show Jumping events. It is not a complete list and members are advised to read the rule book with particular attention to Articles 201, 240, 241, 242, and 243.


No member of the Show Jumping Association of Ireland shall:


  • Conduct him/herself at a show in a manner which is offensive to the public or conduct him/herself in such a manner which is considered to be detrimental to the character and/or prejudicial to the interests of the Association. (Articles 240 and 242 Fines/ Disqualifications)
  • Argue at a show with a Judge or with a Show Official, use abusive or threatening language or behave with incivility or contempt towards a Judge or Show Official. (Articles 240 and 242 Fines/ Disqualifications)
  • Allow a horse or pony in the practice ring or anywhere on or in the vicinity of the Show Grounds to

(a) be rapped

(b) jump a pole or obstacle which is held by hand

(c) jump an oxer which has the back element lower than the top of the front element

(d) jump a fence in the wrong direction (Article 242.2.7 Disqualification).


  • Compete as an owner or athlete in a competition for which the horse, pony or athlete is not fully eligible. (Articles 254N.A.1.3 and 301.4)

Social Media: Be conscious of any messages (including text, videos, images) that you send out on social media platforms; messages should be positive and should uphold the ethos of Horse Sport Ireland/Affiliate. If another team member does not wish to have their image/name shared on Social Media platforms, then please respect this. Challenge and report the bullying of your peers as it is not acceptable. This includes bullying using social media, mobile phones or any other forum or technology.