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Young Riders

Children on Horses


  • Children in their 13th year are not permitted to ride horse stallions.
  • Children in their 13th year cannot compete on a horse above 1.20m with a spread of 1.40m unless they make an application to the Junior/Young Rider Committee for Junior members who will seek a report on competence for a specific horse/rider combination from a Level 2 Coach.
  • Article 255N.3N.3.4 – High performance COH athletes jumping at 1.20m must be signed off by HSI High Performance Nominees (2). Other COH athletes to be signed off by one Level 2 HSI accredited coach.
  • Article 255N.3N.3.5 – High Performance COH athletes jumping at 1.30m must have an application made by a member of the High Performance Coaching Team to the SJI Office to compete at 1.30m at a Show.  This will only be granted on the understanding they compete first in the preceding 1.20m class.  The SJI Office will contact the Show who have the initial right to refuse this request.
  • To jump 1.35m, Children on Horses must get permission from the Chairman of the Junior & Young Rider Committee.
  • Children on Horses athletes must be signed off by a Level 2 HSI Accredited Coach to be eligible to compete in classes 1.10m and 1.20m. The completed Children on Horses sign off form must be submitted by the coach to the SJI.
  • Children on Horses athletes that are not on the High Performance list or SJI list from 2017, must be signed off by a level 2 coach and sent to the SJI office by scan or by post to


Application form for Children on Horses certification.  Click here





No shows found for this series.

** Equijump Children On Horses Spring Tour **



League Dates:

29th Feb Ard Chuain

1st March Galway Equestrian

7th March Banner

14th March Cavan

21st March Portmore

22nd March The Meadows 

4th April Wexford ~ FINAL

Please note: ALL declarations MUST be made online with a non-refundable €10 pre entry fee per animal per class.


Important note about Declarations:


All Declarations must be done online with a €10 pre entry fee, also within the specified timeframe. Normally 10am Monday til midday Wednesday of the week preceding the show unless otherwise stated. Under no circumstances will be late declarations be accepted.


Children on Horses Rules:


  1. Children on Horse classes to be run under Article 274.5.1(two phase) with two sections a & b.  
  2. All legs of the league except the last will have points for double clears (time will not be a deciding factor) 00 double clear rounds = 3 points.
  3. Last leg of the League will be run against the clock as a jump off competition Article 238.2.2
    • A)1.10
    • B)1.20
    In these two sections, points will be awarded to all double clears 00=3 points plus additional points for 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th as per 1.10    horse classes & 1.20 horse class. 6,5,4,3,3,3 in both a) & b).
  4. No substitution of athlete is allowed but an animal may be substituted with permission of Ground Jury.
  5. The declared animal may only compete in 1 height category on the day.


*In the event of a tie in all sections, the highest animal/athlete combination placed in the final will be declared the overall league winner.*