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Munster Spring – Horse Tour 2024

For 90cm -1mt – 1.10 and 120

Starting on
25th February Garranemore Equestrian Centre
2nd March Hollypark Stables
9th March Banner Equestrian Centre
24th March Maryville Stables
30th March Sceillig Stables
1st April Roscera Equestrian Centre
6th April Shanakill House Equestrian Centre
14th April Tipperary Equestrian Centre
FINAL: 21st April Clare Equestrian Centre

Entries on SJI Live


Conditions/Criteria for Munster Region SJI Spring Tour 2024

1.The Name of each leg “Munster Region SJI Horse Spring Tour” at (Show Name)
2.Minimum of THREE appearances (excluding the Final) to be eligible to compete in the final for prize money. If not qualified for the final you can still compete for SJI points.
3.For the final horse/athlete combination must compete in the highest-grade QUALIFIED in. You may compete in other classes for SJI points.
4.It is horse rider combination.
5.All Classes will be Modified 2 Phase with the Second round against the clock.
6.No entries on the day - Entries on SJI live.
7.Course Builder of National Level or above.
8.A least one judge of National level or above.
9.Prize Money at each leg:-
a.A minimum of €150 in the 90cm with entry fee of €20.00
b.A minimum of €150 in the 1mt with entry fee of €20.00
c.A minimum of €200 in the 110 Class with entry fee of €20.00
d.A minimum of €250 in the 120 Class with entry fee of €25.00
10.Rugs and Rosettes will be supplied by Munster SJI for each class. – Rug to the Winner
11.A Pocket steward is required.
12.The Competition need to start on time.
13.RIDER must compete at the published time / sequence of entries, on the correct horse to qualify for league points. Rider may move up with the permission of the Judges.
14.45 sec countdown clock to be operated.
15.Prize money for the Final to be decided.
16.Schedules must be in line with the Rules.
17.The organising committee reserve the right to make changes should it be necessary.

18. Munster will contribute €400 towards the cost of hosting the classes, once the above all conditions are met.

Non-compliance / Enforcement will result in Contribution being halved.