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Important Information

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If a Show cancels due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, another venue can only be authorised by Regional Secretary.


Starting Times
As agreed with our sponsors all Grand Prix Legs must start on time @ 2 P.M. (per original rules). This is critical to facilitate making results available on time for maximum press coverage, also to ensure alignment with sponsor availability for the presentation ceremony.

ShowjumpingIreland wishes to strongly emphasise to Show Organisers, the need to start classes on time and to ensure they run in a timely manner without delay.  There is also a strong onus and duty on riders to co-operate by coming into the ring to compete when requested by the Judges and/or to do so.

Failure to comply with these requests may result in a Judge or Starter having to exert their authority as may be required to assist with the running of a class.  In this regard the ShowjumpingIreland also wishes to advise Judges that they have a duty to the sport to implement the rules fairly and thereby play their part in avoiding unnecessary delays.


Show Secretaries
Where Amateur classes are concerned it should be noted that these types of classes (A and AA combined) must be run as one competition and results should not be split as has occurred in some situations in previous years. The results should be recorded as one overall class to ensure that the correct allocations of Amateur rider's points are awarded. Confusion has arisen in the past whereby Amateur classes have been divided where in fact they should be combined.

Show Secretaries please note that any change to a schedule must be done 5 working days in advance of the show and can only amend / add 1 class to the schedule. The addition of a class can only be made for standalone shows not for any leagues.

Media Rights

Media Rights All rights (including rights to income) in relation to all moving images (including but not exclusively from television, radio, film, video, DVD, internet, telephone or other media or data) and all broadcasting, recording and distribution rights to any affiliated event (excluding any rights reserved directly to the FEI) shall belong to ShowjumpingIreland.

Any agreement by any Show Organiser with any third party in relation to such rights must be subject to the provisions of this Rule and having first obtained the written consent of the Chief Executive/ShowjumpingIreland

Live Streaming Microphones

When in agreement with ShowjumpingIreland that Live streaming is taking place on the showground. At no point should a live microphone linked directly to the live stream be allowed in the Judges Box. A cabled feed may be taken from the official PA system, but no separate microphone to be allowed except with the express agreement of the President of the Ground Jury.  All open/background microphones should be clearly identifiable by Officials and competitors. All reasonable efforts must be made by the streaming provider to clearly mark and identify open/background microphones positioned in or around the arena. 

League Organisers
The maximum attendance which organisers of league shows can request, in order for competitors to gain qualification for the final, is 50% of total number of shows in the league excluding the final.


Modified Two Phases Competition - Article 274.8.N.

These competitions may be run all year at League shows only at the Organiser’s discretion, where athletes with faults in the first round (without a dismount) may continue to jump a second round in training mode. (Restricted to 80cms -1.30m classes only)
Show Organisers must identify such competitions clearly in the SJAI schedule as “modified”.
All competition tickets and result sheets must clearly identify the class with an (M) after the competition type e.g. 1.00m (M)
See also Article 308N.2


Public Interest Events
In an effort to put fun back into show jumping for pony riders, the SJI is encouraging Shows to consider running some of the following classes:
Relay Competitions, fault and out, hit & hurry, Top Score, Take your own line, Accumulator.

SJI Regional Secretaries

Connaught -  Mrs Geraldine Gallagher
Mob - 086 3933429



Leinster - Mrs Marion Murphy
Mob - 087 2615341 


Munster - Marie Wheeler

Mob - 087 9595255

Email -


Ulster - Nicola Tang

Mob - 00447710805416

Email -