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B.Sweeney Equine Ltd Future Champions Series 2021



The Future Champions Series will comprise of 6 qualifiers per region and will run alongside the Pony Premier with the final being held at the SJI Pony Premier Finals 2021

Ulster Region

Meadows Equestrian Centre                           22nd May
Eglinton Equestrian Centre                             29th/30th May
Banbridge Charity Show                                 13th June
Portmore Equestrian Centre                           20th June
Cavan Equestrian Centre                                4th July
National Balmoral Championships                  8th July
Enniskillen Pony Show                                    4th August



Munster Region

Limerick Clare Branch at Banner EC - June 5th 
Ballindenisk - July 18th
Clare EC  - July 25th
Roscrea EC - August 4th
Ballylawn Show  - August 7th
Tipperary EC - August 8th


Leinster Region 

JAG Equestrian  20th June.
Butterfly Farm 27th June.
Mullingar Equestrian 4th July.
Inistogue  25th July.
Coilog 24th July
Barnadown SJ   7th August.


Connaught Region

Ballinsloe 18th July 
Tubberbride 25th July
Duffys Equestrian Centre 7th August

 Recommendation from the Pony Committee of a 5cm reduction in all classes for the Future Champions 

 Classes advertised will be; 

Future Champions will be as follows:

128 Under 10’s – 85cm

128 95cm (changed from 1m)

138 1.05m (changed from 1.1m)

148 1.15m (changed from 1.2m)

***Final at Pony Premier Finals 2021

Click Here for the 128 under 10 Qualified Combinations  

Click Here for the 128 1m Qualified Combinations 

Click Here for the 138 1.10m Qualified Combinations 

Click Here for the 148 1.20m Qualified Combinations 


Rules 2021

  • This competition is open to 148cm, 138cm, 128cm and 128cm Under 10 ponies
  • Fence heights at qualifiers: 148cm – 1.15m; 138cm – 1.05m; 128cm – 95cm; 128 Under 10 – 85cm
  • Fence heights at Final: 148cm – 1.15m; 138cm – 1.05m; 128cm – 95cm; 128 Under 10 – 85cm
  • Classes to be run under Art. 238.2.2 or where time does not permit, Art. 274.5.3 (One of these must be used).
  • 10 to qualify from each class – athletes already qualified should mark ‘Q’ on their ticket so their qualifying place may move down the line.  Athletes not taking up their qualifying place at the Final will not be replaced.
  • Athletes may qualify in any Region but must declare on their ticket if already qualified
  • An athlete may ride 3 ponies in the class and may also qualify 3 ponies for the Final
  • Any athlete/pony combination placed 1st to 6th in any of the Pony Premier League 2021 competitions or 1st – 6th in their respective Finals at the RDS 2021 will not be eligible to compete in the Final.
  • Athletes are not permitted to compete on Temporary Tickets or H/C.
  • Only qualified combinations may compete in the final.