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The Goals

  • Provide help and support with feeding to promote performance
  • To monitor competitive record. 
  • To, where possible, facilitate in arranging access to “High Performance” competition / International Competition
  • To develop and improve standards and support of talent in our region in a safe structured environment.  
  • To assist future riders ability to succeed.  
  • Work on riders’ position, strides, rhythm, riding a course in balance; coping with related distances.
  •  Flat work sessions, correct aids, pace rhythm to develop feel and communication between each Athlete/ horse(pony) combination

SJI National Training Development Squad




The Background

International Showjumping today is not the same as it was 10; 20; 30 years ago. Showjumping in Ireland has certainly changed over the course of the last 20 years.

  • Horses have changed: Less traditional “sport-horse”More Continental blood lines or Thoroughbreb
  • Courses have changed: More Technical, material design lighter and more delicate
  • Standards have changed:Much higher from the top International down to the normal

And most importantly


  • Expectations and attitudes have changed: Expectations of Athletes & Athletes Expectations, Parents Expectations, Sponsors Expectations, Public’s Expectations​​
  • The profile of people participating has changed: No longer the sport of families steeped in Equestrian History, many participants are first time entrants to sport, first time owning a horse / pony, do not have the family back-up of knowledge or experience, many participants do not own their own stables or land, many horses / ponies are on livery in commercial stables, some competitors do not even school or exercise their own animals.


The Aim

We aim to use highly motivated SJI Accredited Coaches:

  • To improve stills and knowledge of Athletes
  • To encourage Athletes new to SJI Showjumping or “old hands” to embrace the support and nurturing offered
  • To develop Athletes talents and progress through comprehensive training visits
  • A positive structure will set clear goals for all levels and ages with an informed approach to monitoring targets and progress.
  • A personal Diary will be provided to Athletes to record new skills learnt, areas to work on at home, & to help chart Athletes unique personal experience.

Also includes a feeding guide for achieving maximum performance.

  • To identify Potential “Talented Athletes”
  • To Boost the Selection Pool for major International Events 


Pony Athletes

  • SJI member and a Registered Pony
  • Minimum Age of 8
  • Ponies must be currently jumping 90 centimetres upwards
  • Selection on Regional Viewing day
  • Must be prepared to commit to a minimum 12 months training -1 day per month

Horse  Athletes

  • SJI member and a Registered Horse
  • Minimum Age of 14
  • Horses must be currently jumping 90 centimetres upwards
  • Selection on Regional Viewing day
  • Must be prepared to commit to a minimum 12 months training -1 day per month

The Vision

The National Training Committee is in the process of fine tuning our five year training program for all SJI members, and the Mackey 5 Bar System. 

We have expanded the original draft of the Mackey 5 Bar Training System, led by our Steering Group and from recommendations from Trainers, and this will be incorporated into our 5 year plan.

During our consultations, it became evident that to ensure a thriving sport, an abundance of future “Top Athletes”, and to enhance the program already in place, a Development strategy had to be put in place.  

A good Development Programme, would act as the link between Regional training and that of the High Performance Athletes.

Potential talent would be recognised earlier, and this talent fostered, retained and trained to fulfil full potential


To express your interest in the NTDS please contact your regional training representative.