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A series of regional qualifiers covering a range of classes from 128 / 50cm to 148 / 1.20m and COH/Junior 1.10 m will be hosted at selected venues in each region. 
Each region will stage it's own final.
The top 10 placings from each class in the regional finals will qualify for the   "INTER PROVINCIAL NATIONAL SERIES FINAL." Castle Irvine Necarne  19/09/2021 
The top 10 combinations that qualify in each class at their Regional qualifier, will go forward to the Interprovincial Finals as a Regional Team of 10, at the Interprovincial Finals members will compete on an individual basis.

After completion of each class, the top 10 placed riders will be awarded team points, ie. 1st =10 pts, 2nd =9 pts, 3rd =8 pts,...10th =1 pt, etc. which shall be credited to each athlete's Region. The Region accumulating the most points shall be deemed the winning Region for that particular class, with each of the 10 Regional team members receiving a winner's medal.

Where there are two regions on equal points, the Region with the highest placed athlete shall be deemed the winner.

Maximum of 2 animals per class/per rider at the Interprovincial Finals.

After completion of the Interprovincial Finals, all team points will be totaled and the overall winning Region will receive an award, which will be presented at the National Pony Awards Ball to the Regional Pony Representative on behalf of the winning Region.




All of the above leagues are subject to change. Classes can be incorporated into existing classes but must be of the height stated. Shows and 

For more information contact your regional rep or the SJI office on 045 852230.



Interprovinical classes 


128/50 Newcomers ( optimum time)

128/60 Newcomers (optimum time)



128/under 10 85












148/1.10m 6/7 year olds 



COH/Junior 1.10m





The National Interprovincial Series -  Leinster 



  • If you have competed in a 3 times throughout summer you are qualified for the leinister final  
  • An athlete may compete a maximum of 3 ponies per class at the Leinster finals.
  • To qualify for the National Interprovincail Finals the combination must be placed in the top 10 in the Leinster Championships/Interprovincial Finals at Raheen na Gun 29/08/2021
  • The Glencarrig Lady league will be held on this day 
  • An athlete may compete a maximum of 2 ponies per class at the National Interprovincial Finals
  • NB if qualifying places are not taken up at the National final Leinster will offer qualifications outside the top 10
  • The Interprovincial Championships will take place at Castle Irvine Necarne Demense on the 19th September 2021
  • Just to note: The Final of the Coolmore Premier is on the 18th of September and will take place at Castle Irvine Necarne Demense also 


The National Interprovincial Series - Munster


  • This is a league based series for qualification for the national interprovincial finals 
  • All Sji points accumulated throughout the Munster series and including the final will be totalled to produce a  final league table with the 10 highest placed riders in each class going forward to represent Munster at the finals.
  • All rider pony combinations must compete in Munster final to be eligible to jump at the national finals.
  • An athlete may complete a maximum of two ponies per class at Munster and national finals.
  • Two height band rule applies to pony rider combinations 
  • Pony rider combinations must jump a minimum of one leg of the Munster series to be eligible to jump in the Munster final



Ulster Region Interprovincial qualifiers
  • qualifiers will run as part of the TRI Equestrian Summer Tour 
  • The Interprovincial Championships will take place at Castle Irvine Necarne Demense on the 19th September 2021
  • Qualification will be gained through the Ulster Region TRI Equestrian Summer Tour 
  • The top 10 pony/rider combinations (must compete at the TRI final) will qualify out of the TRI Equestrian Summer Tour league placings for the Interprovincial Championships
  • Final at The Meadows Equestrian Centre 29th August 2021
  • Maximum 2 animals per class/per rider at the Interprovincial Final
  • This will be for all pony classes in the Tour plus the COH/Junior 1.10m horse class
  • The pony/rider combination rule applies to all qualifying classes for Interprovincial Championships
  • Only Ulster region riders can qualify for the Interprovincial Championships through the TRI Equestrian Summer Tour
  • As per TRI Equestrian Summer Tour rules where there is equality of points the highest placed combination in the final will be deemed the winner
  • Where a qualified combination does NOT intend to compete at the Interprovincial Final they must inform the Regional Pony Committee so that a reserve can be informed to attend the final in their place.