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Child Protection

SJI National Children's Officer: Mrs Mary Ryan 087 9890545

- Deputy Liaison Persons: Valerie Joy Showjumping Ireland 045 852230


Click here for the Showjumping Ireland Child Safeguarding Statement 2020

Click here for Code of Conduct for Officials & Volunteers 

Click here for Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians

Click here for Code of Conduct for Youths and Vulnerable Persons

Click here for SJI Media & Communications Policy

Click here for Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure

Click here for SJI Safe Recruitment Policy

Click here for Safeguarding Training Policy

Click here for Missing Child Policy

Click here for Photography & Use of Images

Click here for Physical Contact Policy

Click here for Supervision Policy

Click here for Anti - Bullying Policy

Click here for Child Welfare & Protection Policy


For Information on Child Safeguarding and reporting see link below:


Provided the following safeguards, controls and regulations are in place, there is no reason to prevent videoing or photographing Young Persons (Under 18).  However if any one of the following are not in place prior to event - then videoing or photographing may NOT take place.


  1. Parental consent - written (either by ticking an opt-in/opt out option on membership renewal and or Competition Entry  or signing an specific Waiver/form at entries.   Please note that both opt in / opt out options must be given.  
  2. In the Event that neither opt-in / opt out boxes are NOT completed - it must be taken that consent HAS NOT BEEN GIVEN
  3. Only reputable videographer/photographers whose credentials can be verified must be used
  4. A withdrawal of consent form must be available to all parents/guardians prior to, during and after event.  It should be noted that withdrawal of permission /consent can occur after event
  5. At Event, announcement must be made prior to and during the actual proceedings (Competition/award etc) that videoing and/or photography is taking place and that the relevant safeguards are in place, and that "Withdrawal of Consent" forms are available.
  6. Prior to Event, the following must be documented and available to Parents/Guardians  and or auditors if requested
  • Name & Credentials of  videographer/photographers  & copies of their Credentials (Union Card) held on file
  • Purpose for which the Video /photograph is being used  i.e.  record of event; promotion or event; promotion of venue. commercial etc
  • who are the beneficiaries of said video/photograph (data) and what benefit i.e promotional / commercial  List all beneficiaries such as SJI, name of Venue, name of Sponsor etc
  • Where the video/photograph (data) will be published & when
  • Who has access to said data
  • Where does the data reside (with videographer/photographer  /  SJI Office  /other
  • Who can publish
  • Length of Time said data will be held




Garda Vetting


**As of the 16th of September 2016 HSI are now using the E-Vetting Sytem for Garda Vetting applications.


Please note the following in relation to Garda Vetting:


**When a person seeks vetting through Horse Sport Ireland and is subsequently accepted, the vetting letter they receive covers them for all Horse Sport Ireland Affiliate Bodies,EXCEPT the Irish Pony Club (IPC).


Please also be aware, that there is no transportability with any other organisation. We cannot under any circumstances accept vetting from the GAA, IFA or any other body. All Affiliates outside of IPC can only accept Horse Sport Ireland vetting".


***Please remember that any person wishing to work/volunteer with Children or Vulnerable Adults in Equestrian Sports on a regular basis must complete this training along with their AccessNI/Garda Vetting Check.***


"Under that National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 to 2016 there is a mandatory  requirement for an ID Check for each person requesting vetting. Horse Sport Ireland encourages this step to be carried out by utilising the availability of its Affiliate National Children’s Officer’s and Club/Branch Children’s Officer to sign off on ID Verification".

Safe Guarding Courses


Please keep an eye on this page of upcoming dates of safe guarding courses.

Applicants contact Paul Hayes in the Horse Sport Ireland offices for Application Forms.

Tel: 045 854 524



Full details are available here on all the courses



The full details are on the Horse Sport Ireland website at the following link: All Safeguarding courses are €20 each and all last 3 hours.




Please see below a link to the Anti-Bullying page on the Horse Sport Ireland website where there is a copy of the Anti-Bullying Policy and some other useful information and tools for Anti-Bullying.