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ARKequine Under 8 & Over 8/Under 10 National Discovery League


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Flag of Ulster - Wikipedia Ulster Flag of Ulster - Wikipedia

Connel Hill 24th Feburary 

Portmore 9th & 10th March

Eglinton 6th April 

Castle Irvine 14th April 

Kernans 20th & 21st April

Meadows 26th May

Banbridge 9th June 

Omagh 5th July 

Enniskillen 28th July

Meadows 4th August 

File:Flag of Munster.svg - WikipediaMunster Region File:Flag of Munster.svg - Wikipedia


Garranmore 7 th April

Kingdom Co Fair 12th May

Limerick Clare Branch 26th May

Shanakill 3rd June

Banner 3rd June

Killeagh 9th June

Tipperary 16th June

Glantane 28th July

Aglish TBA

Killeady TBA




 Leinster flag - Sinn Féin Bookshop Leinster Region Leinster flag - Sinn Féin Bookshop

Wexford Equestrian 19th May
Edgesworthtown Agri Show 26th May
Ballivor Show 9th June

 Ballyfoyle 30th June
Coilog TBC
Adamstown Show 6th July
Longford 7th July
 Inistioge 20th July
 Tattersalls 27th July
JaG 28th July


  Connaught Region 

Tubberbride TBC

Athenry 26th May

Westport 3rd June

Headford 9th June

Corrandulla 23rd June

Easkey 30th June

Enniscrone 7th July

Loughrea 21st July

Crossmolina 27th July

Erris 28th July

Dates and venues are subject to change 





Rules 2024

• The Under 8 League is for athletes who are under 8 years of age on 1st January 2024 riding 128cm ponies. The Over 8/Under 10 League is for athletes who are over 8 and under 10 years of age on 1st January 2024 riding 128cm ponies

• The League will consist of 40 qualifying shows (10 per region),

• Athletes may only compete in their own Region.

• if a rider wishes to compete in another Region due to address, they may do so however, they must choose one Region only and must apply in writing to to do so before the league commences. After they have declared to compete in another Region, they can no longer gain points in their own Region.

• A minimum of 3 double clears will qualify you for the final.

• The height of the fences (first round) for the Under 8 League will be 60cms and for the Over 8/Under 10 League will be 70cms.

• Qualifiers will run under Article 238.1.1 or if 2 Phase, then Article 274.5.1.

• Optimum time will apply only in the Final for Under 8 and Over 8/Under 10

• There will be no straight jump off against the clock in any qualifier.

• Prizes will be optional for prize money or prizes in kind.

• 1 League point will be awarded for attendance, 1 point for the first clear, 1 point for second clear round at each qualifier to athlete/pony combinations (3 points in total for double clear round)

• Athletes may compete in the Final on only one pony but if they have qualified more than one, they may select which pony they wish to jump.

• All athletes/ponies will start the Final with zero points.

• Athletes who qualify and subsequently compete in any Show jumping category at the RDS are not eligible to take part in the Final of this League at the National Championships.

• Judges to judge this League as two separate competitions with two sets of results to be recorded and submitted on SJI Live.

• The highest placed regional combination will be recognised at the Championships.

• Only qualified combinations may compete in the final. Final at Pony Championships 2023


Click HERE for the Under 8 Leaderboard (Leinster)

Click HERE for the Under 8 Leaderboard (Munster

CLICK HERE for the Under 8 Leaderboard (Ulster)

CLICK HERE for the Under 8 Leaderboard (Connaught)


CLICK HERE for the Under 10 Leaderboard (Leinster)

CLICK HERE for the Under 10 Leaderboard  (Munster)

CLICK HERE for the Under 10 Leaderboard (Ulster)

CLICK HERE for Under 10 Leaderboard (Connaught)


Please email if any there are any inconsistencies in the leaderborad