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GAIN|Alltech National Grand Prix League supported by SJI 2022

The Gain| Alltech National Grand Prix League supported by SJI is the cornerstone of the national calendar. The leagues travels around all four corners of the country with a lucrative overall league winner.



Congratulations to Jonathan Smyth and Mulvin Lights Out 2022 Champions





2022 Dates

The Meadows - Sunday 24th April

Portmore - Saturday 30th April

Galway – Monday 2nd May

Barnadown - Saturday 7th May

Cavan - Sunday 15th of May

Kernan’s – Sunday 22nd May

Wexford – Saturday 28th May

Castle Irvine Sunday 29th May

Coilog - Saturday 11th June

Ballivor - Sunday 12th June

Cork Summer Show - Sunday 19th June

Ard Chuain - Friday 24th June

Charleville - Sunday 26th June

Omagh - Saturday 2nd July

Flavours Of Fingal - Sunday 3rd July

Balmoral - Saturday 9th July

Bannow & Rathanagan Thursday 14th July

Maryville 17th July

Tattersalls - Saturday 23rd July

Mullingar - Friday 29th July

Duffys - Sunday 7th August

Irish Breeders Classic - 25th/28th August

Grand Finale Breeders Classic 1st - 4th September 













National Grand Prix Rules2022 

Classes run prior to the National Grand Prix League in the main arena may only be finals or competitions with limited numbers. A Start List will be available from the Show Secretary for the National Grand Prix League, and competitors will jump in drawn order only.


Start Time: The National Grand Prix League is to start no later than 3.00pm, failure to start the Grand Prix on time may result in the venue/show forfeiting SJI subsidy. In special circumstances, it may be possible to have a later start time. This however must be agreed in writing with the National Competitions Committee, 7 working days prior to the Grand Prix Entry Fees: Entry fees are set at €50 or sterling equivalent.

Late entries will be accepted but the entry fee in this case will double. This amount will be retained by SJI and failure to pay any amount due will lead to a block on entries until such time as the amount is cleared.


Declarations: All declarations must be made through SJI LIVE Week-end shows: Declarations will open at 10.00am on the preceding Monday and close at 2.00pm the day before the Grand Prix. Mid-week shows: Declarations will open one week prior to the National Grand Prix date with SJAI head Office and close at 2pm the day before the Grand Prix. ALL declarations require full entry fee and can ONLY be accepted online through, available to download now from


Substitution: With the permission of the Ground Jury a rider or horse may be substituted but not both. Dress: Must be in accordance with S.J.I. Rules, or F.E.I. rules, if this is a prerequisite of the Show. In the latter case this must be stipulated on the Show Schedule.


Appeals: An Appeal Committee can be formed ad-hoc if necessary. The Appeal Committee should consist of at least 3 officials, one of which must be a senior judge and two other Showjumping Ireland officials E.G. Senior Course Designer, Stipendiary Steward, Field Steward and not related to a party interested in the result of the objection. Where weather conditions/ground conditions are in doubt, a panel of Officials, made up of the President of the Ground Jury, the Senior Course Builder and the Stipendiary Steward will determine if the competition should continue (a) outdoors or indoors (where indoor facilities are available) and (b) decide if the fines will be waived for that round. Starter: A Starter must be appointed who shall, in conjunction with the Ground Jury, have authority at the entrance to the arena and may stop a competitor from entering the arena improperly dressed, without the correct number, with incorrect saddlery etc.


Course Designer: The course must be designed and supervised by a member of the Senior National Panel, or above. (in accordance with SJI rules)_ Safety cups are compulsory in all National Grand Prix League Competitions, on the rear of all spread obstacles, both in the main arena, and the practice area. The following names must be available to the Grand Prix Coordinator one week prior to the Show: Ground Jury, Commentator, Starter, Appeal Committee, Sponsor and Course Designer. Judges: A panel of 3 judges should be in place for the class made up of one Senior National or above, one National or above and one member of the SJI judge’s panel.


Point’s allocation for the Showjumping Ireland National Grand Prix League























Prize Fund €4,000 or Sterling Equivalent






















Prizes: Prize money shall be awarded for minimum 1 place for every five starters, with a minimum of 8 prizes.


In the event of a tie for first place at a specific Grand Prix League round, points will be awarded for first place (ie: 10 each) as this is deemed as a win to both combinations. Therefore points to be allocated to the third place combination are for third place and so on.

In the event of a tie for the leading combination of the National Grand Prix League, the combination with the most National Grand Prix League wins will be deemed the winner, if a tie remains, the combination with the most second placings in the National Grand Prix League will be used to decide the overall winner of the National Grand Prix League.


All rounds carry equal points, including final leg.


Overall Prize Fund:

  • 1st place combination €3,000
  • 2nd place combination €2,000
  • 3rd place combination €1,000
  • Leading Owner 1,000





Please note: Showjumping Ireland have the right to alter these rules through the season.