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Youngster Tour Ireland

Aims of the Youngster Tour Ireland 2022.


  1. Allow Irish horses of from 4 yr old & upwards to compete at a level suitable for their development, during the summer season on a league format, in a Main Arena setting, then giving them a prestigious Grand Final Weekend with good prize money & additional prizes.
  2. With the changes to the classes to bring in older horses, we hope that this will be more inclusive & allow older Irish Horses compete on the Tour & gain a new profile & market.
  3. Allow owners/riders to market & sell direct to a client, via use of the Tour's social media platforms & the Website.
  4. Allow owners/riders that have smaller budgets to buy Irish horses to be involved.
  5. Encourage owners & riders to buy Irish born horses from breeders & producers 
  6. Encourage Young Riders & Amateurs to buy Irish & compete in Youngster Classes 
  7. Encourage Event Horse Producers to join the League to produce their horses. 
  8. Provide a Gala Weekend Show, Qualifiers, Grand Final & Consolation Classes, with numerous additional prizes.
  9. Provide continuous marketing during the Tour for Sponsors via Social Media platforms & through the Youngster Tour Website.
  10. Recreate the lost philosophy that 

‘Ireland is the Land of the Horse & you come to Ireland for your new horses, from 1m to the very top levels, we have what the customer wants & we are open for business’.




Youngster Tour Shows : There have been some alterations to the Classes for 2022.


Class Height Bands

4 Yr Olds – (Suitable Article-Table A, 1st Round 1-8, 2nd Round 9-12)Height Bands start @ 

80cm – 85cm in May

80cm -90cm –in June

90cm – 1m in July

95cm -1m in  August 

Grand Final : 95cm-1m

5 Yr Old Tour – (Suitable Article-Table A Classes, with height bands starting @

90cm – 1m in May 

95cm – 1.05 in June & July.

1.05- 1.10m in August.

Grand Final @ 1.10m

6  & 7 Yr Old Tour - (Suitable Article-Table A Height Bands starting @

1.05m –1.10m in May & June, modified.

1.10 in July, modified

1.10-1.20m - in August classes will be handicapped with the 6 Yr Olds jumping first & the 7 Yr Olds jumping over the same course 5cm higher. This will allow the horses to get the experience needed to jump the Grand Final Courses.

Grand Final : It will be handicapped with the 6 Yr Olds competing at 1.10-1.20 m & the 7 Yr Olds competing at 1.15-1.25m

8 Yr Old & Over Tour  - (Suitable Article-Table A Bands starting @ 

1.10m-1.15m in May, June.

1.15 -1.20m in August

Grand Final @ 1.20m – 1.25m

All courses will be built starting on a rising gradient from lowest height & finishing at the upper limit. Doubles & trebles are at the lower level. These courses should be built as a ‘Style Class’ to create positive riding & the emphasis is on Clear Round Jumping for a good record & also a video for marketing the horse. 



Youngster Tour Ireland Festival  Mullingar 8th-11th September.

All horses will be pre-entered & the rider that rode it on the 3 qualifying shows on the Tour is the rider eligible to ride it on the Grand Final Weekend. (If there is a legitimate sale or injury to the rider before the Festival weekend the owner/rider must contact the organiser before the entry is submitted for the Grand Final Weekend & a decision will be made by the Committee on the validity of the requested change of rider)

A rider can ride a maximum of 5 horse/class in Grand Final Qualifiers & a Maximum of 2 horses in a Grand Final. 

If a rider has more than 2 horses qualified for any of the 6 & 7 Yr Old & the 8 Yr Old + Grand Finals it is the highest placed horses on the Result Sheets that will go forward to the Finals. The remaining horses will go forward to the Silver Tour Finals.

In the case of the 4 & 5 Yr Old Grand Finals, if a rider has more than the quota qualified, the rider will choose the 2 horses from his qualified horses to go forward to the Grand Final. The Rider must notify the Show Office within 1 hour of the class finishing with their choice of horses to allow the next eligible combination to be notified for the Grand Final. The rider’s remaining qualified horses will go forward to the Silver Tour Final.

NOTE : Declarations for all the Finals must be made by 6pm of the evening of the each qualifier, non-declaration will see the next horse on the result sheets being offered a Grand Final Position.

All standard SJI Protocols will stand for Young Horse Classes in relation to Veterinary Checks, Stipendary Stewarding, boots, Warm Up arena fence height & warm up practices etc.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with by the Stipendary Stewards & the Ground Jury.

PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE & Prize Fund -E20,875                    Prize Money

Day 1. 

5 Yr Old Q :All Clear Rounds or Top 20 qualify for the Grand Final            e125

6 Yr Old Q : Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final                        e125

7 & 8 Yr Olds : Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final                    e125

Day 2. 

4 Yr Old Q : All Clear Rounds qualify for the Final                    e125

5 Yr Old Q – All Clear Rounds or Top 20 qualify for the Grand Final            e125

6 Yr Olds Q – Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final                        e125

7 & 8 Yr Olds – Top 15 qualify for the Grand Final                    e125

Day 3

4 Yr Old Grand Final  - e4000  + e1000 Breeders Prize in Main Arena in the afternoon - Showcase 

Sponsored by TR Sport Horses, Cork Hill Stud – confirmed + another sponsor. 

4 Yr Old Silver Final – e500

5 Yr Old Silver Final – e500 

6  & 7 Yr Old Silver Final e500

8 Yr Old & Over Silver Final- e500

Day 4 – Grand Final Day 

5 Yr Old Grand Final –(Prize Fund of Euro6000 + Jim Derwin Perpetual Trophy+ e1000 Breeders Prizes)

(All double Clears divide the Prize Fund )

6 & 7 Yr Old Grand Final – Prize Fund of Euro3000,  Breeders Prize

2 rounds, Jump Off Class

8 Yr Old & Over Grand Final – Prize Fund of Euro3000 +  Breeders Prize


We hope to have the usual  additional Gifts, the list will be published closer to the Grand Finals