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Home Pony Internationals

HPI 2017
Cavan 13th to the 16th of July

Scotland 20th to the 23rd July

Wales and West 28th July to the 1st of August
South View 24th to the 29th of October


**Please note team selection will be based purely on rider/pony results at each show.**


Selection classes for South View Home Pony will be as follows:

Under 10's = Classese 1 + 4

128's = Classes 2 + 9

138's = Classes 2 + 10

148's = Classes 4 + 13

148 Debut Team = Classes 3A + 11A




Can all athletes intending to travel to any of the H.P.I's please complete the Application and Code of Conduct Forms and return to the office.


Application Form
Code Of Conduct


The S.J.I. National Pony Committee will fund each athlete with an Irish Pony Team jacket and an Irish numnah -.Competitors who traveled to home pony competitions last year are reminded to bring the numnahs and jackets they have already received to this years events as stock is limited and will only be given to new competitors. 

Can all athletes please note that Irish numnahs may not be worn when competing at home in National competitions.

*** Fees for ShowjumpingIreland members & visiting B.S.J.A. members: click here

To organise BSJ Temporary Membership please contact the SJI Head Office on 045-852230 or email details to

***Please note that all owners, athletes and animals wishing to compete at the HPI Shows in Wales, Scotland or England must take out temporary membership with the BSJA


  • Athlete / Pony combination must jump in classes as selected by team manager. Points will be awarded as follows :1st 10, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 3, 6th 2. The top four placings from the points score will determine the team. In the event of equality of faults the athlete / pony placing in the Premier Pony League will denote the higher placing.
  • It is strongly recommended that athlete / pony combinations jump in all the relevent qualification classes to strengthen their chance of making the teams.

Please note that all SJI members intending to enter for a show outside of Ireland must first contact the SJI office prior to entering. (Also please contact the office regarding BSJA membership prior to entry)