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Under 8/Under 10 National Discovery League

Equestrian World of Maynooth Discovery League       


The Equestrian World Maynooth have been synonymous with the U8/U10 Discovery League. This exciting league is geared for our young athletes to encourage them to participate and most importantly of all, to have fun!



Ulster Region

Meadows Equestrian Centre                         22nd May

Eglinton Equestrian Centre                           29th/30th May

Banbridge Charity Show                               13th June

Castle Irvine Necarne Demesne                   27th June

National Balmoral Championships                8th July

Coleraine RDA                                              11th July

Connell Hill Equestrian Centre                      18th July

Enniskillen Pony Show                                  4th August

Kernan Equestrian Centre                             7th/8th August


Munster Region 

Limerick Clare Branch at Banner EC - June 5th

Mallow Gymkhana - June 6th

Limerick/ Clare Ballycahane - July 2nd

Cork Show - July 3rd

Ballindenisk - July 18th

Maryville - July 24th

Clare EC - July 25th

Roscrea EC - July 4th

  Ballylawn Show - August 7th

Tippary EC - August 9th


Leinster Region 

Butterfly Farm 13th June

JAG Equestrian  20th June.

Coilog Equestrian 26th June.

Wexford EC 1st July

Mullingar Equestrian  4th July.

Inistogue  25th July.

Raheen –Na- Gun. 14th July

Coilog Equestrian 24th July

Ravensdale Equestrian 28th July.

Barnadown SJ 7th August.



Ballinasloe 18th July 

Tubberbride 25th July

Duffys Equestrian Centre 7th August






Kindly sponsored by Equestrian World of Maynooth


***Final at the National Championships***

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CLICK HERE for the Under 8 Ulster leaderboard

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CLICK HERE for the Under 10 Leinster leaderboard
CLICK HERE for the Under 10 Munster leaderboard
CLICK HERE for the Under 10 Ulster leaderboard

CLICK HERE dor Under 10 Connaught Leadervoard






Rules 2021


  • The Under 8 League is for athletes who are under 8 years of age on 1st January 20201 riding 128cm ponies.  The Over 8/Under 10 League is for athletes who are over 8 and under 10 years of age on 1st January 2021 riding 128cm ponies.
  • The League will consist of 32 qualifying shows (8 per Region), the top ten from each region qualifying for the final
  • Athletes may only compete in their own Region and the top 40 (top ten from each region) Under 8 and the top Over 8/Under 10 combinations in the League and those on equal points will go forward to the National Final at the National Pony Championships. ***UPDATE*** if a rider wishes to compete in another Region due to address they may do so however, they must choose one Region only and must apply in writing to to do so before the league commences. After they have declared to compete in another Region they can no longer gain points in their own Region.
  • The height of the fences (first round) for the Under 8 League will be 60cms and for the Over 8/Under 10 League will be 70cms. 
  • Qualifiers will run under Article 238.1.1 or if 2 Phase, then Article 274.5.1. 
  • **NEW** Optimum time will apply only in the Final for Under 8 and Over 8/Under 10
  • There will be no straight jump off against the clock in any qualifier
  • Prizes will be optional for prize money or prizes in kind
  • 1 League point will be awarded for attendance, 1 point for the first clear, 1 point for second clear round at each qualifier to athlete/pony combinations (3 points in total for double clear round)
  • Athletes may compete in the Final on only one pony but if they have qualified more than one, they may select which pony they wish to jump.
  • All athletes/ponies will start the Final with zero points.
  • Athletes who qualify and subsequently compete in any Show jumping category at the RDS are not eligible to take part in the Final of this League at the National Championships.
  • Judges to judge this League as two separate competitions with two sets of results to be recorded and submitted to the office.
  • The highest placed Regional combination will be recognised at the Championships
  • Only qualified combinations may compete in the final