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Pony & Children on Horses Spring Tour 2021



Spring Tour Dates 

17/04/2021 Ard Chuain  
18/04/2021 Galway     
24/04/2021 Maryville  
01/05/2021 Cavan 
08/05/2021 Portmore 
09/05/2021 Meadows 
15/05/2021 Wexford (Final)


The Spring Tour consists of 7 legs and a final which take place throughout the country at the beginning of the year.  The tour is deemed as a preparation for the season ahead.


2021 Equijump Ltd 128 leaderboard

2021 Equijump Ltd 138 leaderboard

2021 Equijump Ltd 148 leaderboard

2021 Equijump Ltd COH leaderboard




Fontainebleau Selection:

CLICK HERE for Fontainebleau Criteria 2020

HSI Code of Conduct - Athlete

HSI Code of Conduct - Guardian



Please note: ALL declarations including the warm-up and 148cm 1.30m viewing classes MUST be made online with a non-refundable €10 pre entry fee per animal per class.



CLICK HERE for Warm Up League Criteria



** For Warm Up Tour Please Note: Points are awarded as per rules at the time of the competition. If a rider is then placed at a later leg of the Main Spring Tour they will be removed from the list prior to the final. Points will go down the line from the leg at which the original rider gained theirs.


Important note about Declarations



All Declarations must be done Through also within the specified timeframe. Normally 10am Monday til midday Wednesday of the week preceding the show unless otherwise stated. Only pre-declared entries will be accepted.


Athletes will have to declare for each round of the Tour as they do for the Pony Premier League & Starfinder League. Athletes may substitute a pony with the permission of the Ground Jury but there is no substitute of athlete allowed.


Pony Rules

Fence Heights - 128cm 1.00m - 138cm 1.10m - 148cm 1.20m    Children on Horses 1.10m/1.20m (Handicap)
1- Ponies must have a minimum of 30 SJI points by 31st January 2020.
2- Pony Class to be run under Article 238.2.2
3- The 45 second countdown clock will be operational.
4- 3 ponies maximum per athlete per height category - 2 Horses maximum per athlete in the Children on Horse category.  Athletes may     substitute an animal with the permission of the Ground Jury but there is no substitution of athlete allowed.
5- Entry fee €25
6- Points for the Pony/athlete combination in the Pony League to be awarded to 6th place as follows:
1st 10, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 3, 6th 3




Children on Horses Rules

1- Children on Horse classes to be run under Article 274.5.6 (two phase) with two sections a & b.  
2- All legs of the league except the last will have points for double clears (time will not be a deciding factor) 00 double clear rounds = 3 points.
3- Last leg of the League will be run against the clock as a jump off competition Article 238.2.2
 In these two sections, points will be awarded to all double clears 00=3 points plus additional points for 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th as per 1.10    horse classes & 1.20 horse class. 6,5,4,3,3,3 in both a) & b).


4- No substitution of athlete is allowed but an animal may be substituted with permission of Ground Jury.

5- The declared animal may only compete in 1 height category on the day.


*In the event of a tie in all sections, the highest animal/athlete combination placed in the final will be declared the overall league winner.*