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Plusvital Pony Spring Tour 2019 - 128cm

 DateShowStart List
1 02-MarArd Chuain Pony Spring Tour

Plusvital Pony Spring Tour 2019 - 138cm

 DateShowStart List
1 02-MarArd Chuain Pony Spring Tour

Plusvital Pony Spring Tour 2019 - 148cm

 DateShowStart List
1 02-MarArd Chuain Pony Spring Tour

Plusvital Pony Spring Tour 2019 - COH

 DateShowStart List
1 02-MarArd Chuain Pony Spring Tour

Pony & Children on Horses Spring Tour 2019




The Spring Tour consists of 5 legs and a final which take place throughout the country at the beginning of the year. 3 of the legs are viewing classes for Fontainebleau. The tour is deemed as a preparation for the season ahead.




League Dates & Venues 2019


  • 2nd March - Ard Chuain
  • 16th March - Cavan
  • 30th March - Portmore 
  • 31st March - The Meadows
  • 13th April - Raheen Na Gun
  • 27th April - Maryville


Please note: ALL declarations including the warm-up and 148cm 1.30m viewing classes MUST be made online with a non-refundable €10 pre entry fee per animal per class.






Important note about Declarations



All Declarations must be done online with a €10 pre entry fee, also within the specified timeframe. Normally 10am Monday til midday Wednesday of the week preceding the show unless otherwise stated. Only pre-declared entries will be accepted.


Please note that ponies participating in the 2019 Tour must have a minimum of 30 points accumulated by 31st December 2018.

Athletes will have to declare for each round of the Tour as they do for the Pony Premier League & Starfinder League. Athletes may substitute a pony with the permission of the Ground Jury but there is no substitute of athlete allowed.


Pony Rules

Fence Heights - 128cm 1.00m - 138cm 1.10m - 148cm 1.20m    Children on Horses 1.10m/1.20m (Handicap)
1- Ponies must have a minimum of 30 SJI points by 31st December, 2018
2- Pony Class to be run under Article 238.2.2
3- The 45 second countdown clock will be operational.
4- 3 ponies maximum per athlete per height category - 2 Horses maximum per athlete in the Children on Horse category.  Athletes may     substitute an animal with the permission of the Ground Jury but there is no substitution of athlete allowed.
5- Entry fee €25
6- Points for the Pony/athlete combination in the Pony League to be awarded to 6th place as follows:
1st 10, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 3, 6th 3




Children on Horses Rules

1- Children on Horse classes to be run under Article 274.5.1(two phase) with two sections a & b.  
2- All legs of the league except the last will have points for double clears (time will not be a deciding factor) 00 double clear rounds = 3 points.
3- Last leg of the League will be run against the clock as a jump off competition Article 238.2.2
 In these two sections, points will be awarded to all double clears 00=3 points plus additional points for 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th as per 1.10    horse classes & 1.20 horse class. 6,5,4,3,3,3 in both a) & b).


4- No substitution of athlete is allowed but an animal may be substituted with permission of Ground Jury.

5- The declared animal may only compete in 1 height category on the day.


*In the event of a tie in all sections, the highest animal/athlete combination placed in the final will be declared the overall league winner.*



***The warm up classes league will continue in 2019 to crown an overall winner at the end of the Tour. See below criteria for further details ***