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SJI National Pony Committee Discovery League


Flag of Ulster - Wikipedia Ulster Region Flag of Ulster - Wikipedia

Castle Irvine Necarne Demesne             10th  April

Cavan Equestrian Centre                        16th  April

              Eglinton Equestrian Club                         30th April/1st May

Connell Hill                                  22nd May

 Banbridge Charity Show                         12th June 

                                                                                                        UR Pony Committee Air Ambulance 

Charity Show (Castle Irvine Necarne)     19th June

Enniskillen Pony Show                            30th July 


File:Flag of Munster.svg - WikipediaMunster Region File:Flag of Munster.svg - Wikipedia

Shanakill House Equestrian Center: April 18th  

Newmarket & Fergus: May 1st

Limerick/ Clare at Ballycahne 29/05/2022

Midleton 29th May 

Banner 6th June

Killeagh 12th June

Clare Equestrian July 10th

Tipperary Equestrian Ctr 17th July 

Roscrea 1st August





Leinster flag - Sinn Féin BookshopLeinster Region Leinster flag - Sinn Féin Bookshop

Raheen Na Gun: 21st May

Kilossery 28th May

Jag 12th June 

Mullingar: 16th July

Coilog Pony Classic: July 23rd 

Wexford EQ 1st August

Connaught Region 
Athenry 22nd May

Headford 12th June 

Corrandulla 26th June 

Ballina 10th July
Loughrea 17th July



Dates and Venues are subject to change 

***Final at the National Championships 2022***


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Important Notice


Qualified combinations table may change, according to criteria fulfilment. If a qualified pony competes in a higher class before the final of the league, it will be automatically disqualified.


2022 Rules


  • This League is open to 128cm ponies jumping 80cm; 138cm ponies jumping 90cm and 148cm ponies jumping 1.00m.
  • Ponies must not compete higher than 90cm; 1.00m and 1.10m between 1st January 2022 and the League Final date
  • To be eligible for the 128 Final the rider MUST NOT have attained a clear round in the 128 1.10m class
  • To be eligible for the 138 Final the rider MUST NOT have attained a clear round in the 138 1.20m class
  • To be eligible for the 148 Final the rider MUST NOT have attained a clear round in the 148 1.30m class
  • All qualifying competitions must have a time allowed and will run under Article 274.5.1
  • The Final will be held at the National Pony Championships and will be a jump off class under Article 238.2.2
  • Each Region will run 6 legs of the League and athletes may only qualify within their own Region.  ***UPDATE*** if a rider wishes to compete in another Region due to address they may do so however, they must choose one Region only and must apply in writing to to do so before the league commences. After they have declared to compete in another Region they can no longer gain points in their own Region.
  • New Qualification Criteria ====== 2 appearances in your region (combination) to qualify for the final (minimum one of which to be a double clear round) List will be published on this page
  • There will still be a league table, 3 points for every double clear round will be awarded and a regional winner per section will be recognised at the Pony Awards Ball
  • A League table will be available online. 
  • In the Event of a tie for Regional Winner, the highest placed combination in the final shall be deemed the winner
  • Athletes may ride only one pony in the final at the National Pony Championships. If an athlete has qualified more than one pony, they may choose which pony to compete in the final.
  • Every competitor starts on a score of 0 in the final.
  • Temporary tickets can be used but athletes will not be eligible for league points or SJI points  or prize money or qualifying place and no temporary tickets will be allowed in the final.
  • Minimum prize fund at each venue €100 per class.
  • Prize fund at the Final will be €500 per class.
  • Ponies downbanded in 2022 are not eligible for the league
  • Qualified combinations must be declared for the final. ONLY qualified combinations may compete in the final