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Measuring Venues


  • 9th January Sunday Mullingar Eq  -11am
  • 16th January Sunday Coilog Eq - 11 am
  • 23rd January Sunday Barnadown Eq -11am
  • 30th January Sunday Warrington Eq - 11 am
  • 13th February Mullingar Equestrian Center  - 11 am

  • 4th March Friday Coilog Eq -5pm

  • 1th April Friday Mullingar EQ - 6pm 

  • 8th April Friday Coilog 6pm

  • 6 May  Friday Coilog 6pm

  • 9th June Thursday Coilog 6pm

  • Coilog 2nd September (Entries will close on 1st September) 

Times will be sent out by e-mail when entries close.

More dates to follow 

Make sure to bring your ponies passport to the measuring venues 

All entries through It’s Plain Sailing.

Regional Secretary Marion Murphy 087 2615341


Each entry will be notified with their time.  Face Masks must be worn at all Measuring’s.   No Children will be admitted.

Regional Secretary 





  • Wednesday 5th January Woodlands EC, Killarney, Co Kerry  12pm - 1pm
  • Saturday 8th January Ennis Showgrounds, Ennis, Co Clare   11am - 1pm
  • Saturday 15th January Ballinamona EC, Waterford 11am - 1pm
  • Saturday 22nd January West Cork EC , Bandon, Co Cork  11am - 1pm
  • Saturday 29th January Limerick/Clare (Venue to be confirmed)  11am - 1pm
  • Saturday 5th February Tipperary EC , Thurles, Co Tipperary 11am - 1pm
  • Mar 9th   West Cork Eq Centre   2pm to 3pm
  • April 12th  Banner Eq Centre   2pm to 3pm
  • May 17th Tipperary Eq Centre  5pm to 6pm
  • July 13th Tipperary EQ Centre  5pm
  • September 27th Tipperary EQ 5PM
Plainsailing link


Regional Secretary Marie Wheeler 0879595255




  • January 9th Duffys Equestrian Centre  2pm-5pm
  • January 16th Ard Chuain equestrian Centre 2pm -5pm
  • January 23rd Uppermace Equestrian Centre 2pm - 5pm 
  • January 30th Duffys Equestrian Centre 2pm - 5pm 
  • February 13th Ard Chuain Equestrian Centre 2pm -5pm 
  • February 20th Creagh Equestrian Centre 2pm - 5pm
  • Monday 7th March 7pm - Duffys Equestrian Centre
  • Monday 11th April 7pm - Ard Chuain Equestrian Centre
  • Monday 9th May 7pm - Duffys Equestrian Centre
  • Monday 13th June 7pm - Uppermace Equestrian Centre
  • Monday 4th July 7pm - Duffys Equestrian Centre
  • Monday 12th September Duffy's Equestrian Centre Rockwood, Claregalway- from 7pm. Times will be emailed

    Entries :

    Entries open 4th September

The following are the measuring dates for the Connaught Region all entries will be through Its Plain Sailing

Regional Secretary Geraldine Gallagher 086 3933429

Audrey Geraghty 087 7767446

Each entry will be notified with their time.   Face Masks must be worn at all Measuring’s.   No Children will be admitted.



Saturday 15th January Lusks @ 11am

Sunday 16th January Ecclesville @ 11am

Saturday 22nd January @ Kernans @ 11am

Sunday 6th February @ Meadows @ 10.30am

Sunday 6th March @ Connell Hill @ 10.30am

Sunday 6th Feb @ Meadown @ 10.30am

Sunday 6th March @ Connell Hill @ 10.30am

Saturday 9th Apr @ Necarne @ 11.00am

Monday 25th Apr @ Portmore @ 7pm

Sunday 22th May @Omagh @11.30am

Monday 25th July @ Danescroft @ 7pm

Monday 22nd Aug @ RDA Coleraine @ 7.00pm 

Monday 26th Sep @ The Meadows @7.00pm 



All entries by -

Regional secretary Janet Currie -




FEI Pony Measuring 2022


Cavan Equestrian Centre


Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th January 2022 



Pony Measuring Guidelines




  • Pony owner will book measuring through Itsplainsailing for the relevant pony measuring venue and Covid track and trace forms to be completed
  • An email will be issued with a time slot, which you can bring with you as evidence of your reason for travel.
  • If two or more ponies are to be measured, these will be done in the same time frame so that you can leave once finished. 
  • Please make sure to follow the guidelines at the Venue and please wear a mask.
  • Only one handler will be allowed travel and no children permitted.
  • Coffee Shops and restaurants will not be open  










All measuring for 2021 will need to be prebooked, each Region will set this up shortly



Please verify venue, date and time 24 hours prior to attending measuring as this data can be subject to change.
Please note that all first time measuring may be carried out at venues in any region and are no longer restricted as previously , to the region in which the owner was domiciled.
All ponies 8 and over must have 2 consecutive measurements at an sji measuring centre.    
Measurements are valid only for the calendar year in which they take place.
Please note j.m.b. measuring identification documents only cannot be accepted at s.j.i. measurings - fully recognised e.u. passport is required.

Pony Measuring and Appeals

Rules and Appeals
Pony Measuring Information on Rules and Appeals can be viewed in the online Rule Book
(Please Read Carefully as some rules may have been amended)
All Pony Owners intending to have their pony measured must present their ponies in a bridle.  No children under 16 years allowed to lead ponies for safety reasons.
Please note the following conditions for measuring appeals/downsizing confirmations at the Veterinary Clinic for Appeals.
  • Fee €250, payable to the SJAI in advance - a refund of €125 will be made if there is a successful outcome
  • Appeals/downsizing confirmations must be made within one week (5 working days) of measuring - outside of this timeframe a request will need to be submitted to the National Pony Committee to attend the Veterinary Clinic for Appeals.
  • No refund if appointment cancelled
  • Ensure shoes have been removed
  • Pony’s passport to be available
  • All ponies will have a blood sample taken for testing
  • Should the animal be considered unfit for measurement assessment by the Veterinary Surgeon, the procedure will be abandoned and the animal cannot be presented at a later date, either at an SJAI measuring venue or at the Veterinary Clinic for Appeals in the same calendar year
  • On arrival, the animal will be given to a handler from the Veterinary Clinic for Appeals who will have total control of the animal until it is returned to the owner/agent
  • The owner/agent will not be present during the measuring
  • The passport will be stamped denoting 'over' the height if the animal does not measure in or with the height if it does.  The SJI officials in attendance will advise the owner accordingly.
  • A disclaimer must be signed by the owner/agent before the animal is accepted for measuring.  The owner/agent must agree that the Veterinary Clinic for Appeals and the SJAI will not have any responsibility for any mishap at the measuring.