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TRI Equestrian National Pony Championships

Supported by Showjumping Ireland

AddressMullingar Equestrian Centre
Athlone Road
Mullingar, 0, Westmeath
Dates@ Mullingar Equestrian Centre 23rd to 26th August
Notes23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th August
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SATURDAY 25TH AUGUST Saturday 25 August 2018
Prize (€) Entry (€)
1 39. Coolmore Stud Pony Premier U10 90cm 1000 View Entries View Results
2 40. Coolmore Stud Pony Premier 128 1.15m 1000 View Entries View Results
3 41. Coolmore Stud Pony Premier 138 1.25m 1000 View Entries View Results
4 42. Coolmore Stud Pony Premier 148 1.35m 1000 View Entries View Results
5 43. 148 6/7 yo Allianz Starfinder Qualifier 500 View Entries View Results
6 44. Equisoc 148 1.10m Derby 200 View Entries View Results
7 45. Equisoc 138 1m Derby 200 View Entries View Results
8 46. Equisoc 128 U10 85cm Derby 200 View Entries View Results
9 47. Equisoc 128 90cm Derby 200 View Entries View Results
10 48. Newcomers 50cm Final In Kind View Entries View Results
11 49. 128 80cm National Pony League Final 500 View Entries View Results
12 50. 138 90cm National Pony League Final 500 View Entries View Results
13 51. 148 1m National Pony League Final 500 View Entries View Results
14 52. U8 National Discovery League Final In Kind View Entries View Results
15 53. O8/U10 National Discovery League Final In Kind View Entries View Results
16 54. Connolly's Red Mills 128 U8 Team Event In Kind View Entries View Results
17 55. Connolly's Red Mills 128 U10 Team Event In Kind View Entries View Results
Course Designer/s Seamus Casey (Senior National), Paul Duffy (FEI Level 2), Tommy Gibbons (Senior National), Gueorgui Gueorguiev (FEI Level 3), Michael Keaveney (National)
Enquiries / ContactSJI Office 045 852230
Safety OfficerChief: Pat Mc Cormack. Ray Buchanan & John Mc Namara

ENTRIES – Entries will open on Monday the 6th of August. All entries online to the SJI Office by 12 noon on Wednesday 22nd of August.

Full entry fee will be pre-authorised. Please note once declared that amount will no longer be accessible in your available funds as online payments are pre-authorised at time of entry.

Late entries will incur a surcharge of €10 per entry online or at the show, which MUST be paid in full at time of entry.

No late entries will be accepted for Events 39 to 43 inclusive - All Pony Premiers and 148 6/7 yo Allianz Starfinder Qualifier.

REBATE: For families whose total orders exceed €500 for the 2018 Championships, they can avail of a 10% rebate (payable by cheque). This can only be accessed by filling in the appropriate form (see website) correctly and returning to the office no later than Friday the 7th of September. Forms received after this date will not be accepted. Terms and conditions apply.

STARTLISTS – Startlists will be strictly drawn order for the INTERNATIONAL SAND ARENA on each day. All other arenas will be black board order. All competitors are reminded to co-operate with the starters.


Note 1: Gateau Stables Young Pony Series - last chance to qualify on Thursday for final on Friday!

Note 2: Pony/athlete combinations who compete in classes 56, 58 & 59 may not compete in classes 64 & 66 & 68.

Note 3: Points will be awarded for National Champion to the Pony/Athlete combination. NB: Points will be awarded on all 4 days including the Pony Premier HOWEVER only 3 of the 4 days will count. Riders can choose to drop one of the following days (Thurs/Fri/Sat) or jump all 4 and drop the lowest score. Riders MUST compete on the Sunday to be eligible. In the event of equality of points the highest placed combination on the Sunday will be the winner.

Note 4: For events 54 & 55, all entries will be put into a draw to decide teams on the Friday. In the event of surplus athletes due to an uneven number of entrants, these athletes will be entitled to prizes in kind if they compete as individuals

Note 5: ONLY qualified combinations can compete in the following finals:
Michael Morrissey National Pony League
Walter Reape Newcomers 50cm League
U8 and U10 Equestrian World of Maynooth Discovery League
Gateau Stables Young Pony Series (those who qualify for this series on the Thursday can avail of a late entry at the original price)
*Please do not enter these classes unless you have qualified*

PRIZE MONEY – To be eligible for prize money in Sunday’s classes athletes must compete on 2 days during Thurs/Fri/Sat in any class on any pony.
In Novice classes, all double clears will be entered into a draw for prize money (art. 248.7.14)
- NB Should there be low entries in the Gateau Stables Young Pony Series final - prize money will be paid in accordance with article number 248.7.7

The Organisers reserve the right to amend the schedule

STABLING & HOOK UP – to be booked directly with Mullingar Equestrian on Stable bookings/cancellation deadline is Tuesday August 7th at 4pm.


NB: Mullingar Equestrian and or the Organising Committee reserve the right to ask anyone found in breach of the Code of Conduct to leave the premises with immediate effect!

Please read carefully Code of Conduct below:

In respect of this Code of Conduct, a pony athlete/parent/guardian, by entering any class in the National Championships or Home Pony International, is deemed irrevocably to have agreed to be bound by this Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct
The following Code of Conduct sets out the standard of behavior which Showjumping Ireland expects of its pony athletes/parents/guardians at all times.

The Code of Conduct is not in itself exhausted and pony athletes/parents/guardians have an onus to ensure that their behaviour at all times not only complies with this Code of Conduct, but it’s spirit.

Parents and guardians have a responsibility to ensure that pony athletes comply with this code.

All pony riders are members of the SJI and are expected to behave at all times in an appropriate manner. The Code of Conduct governs not only pony athletes/parents/guardians, but training and social events.

Gross Misconduct
The following will be regarded as gross misconduct and will automatically result in the matter being referred to the SJI Disciplinary Committee:
(i) Violence towards any fellow competitor or official
(ii) Criminal damage
(iii) Theft
(iv) The purchase or consumption of alcohol
(v) The possession or use of illegal substances
(vi) Deliberate and wilful harassment or abuse of judges, stipendiary stewards, starters or other officials
(vii) All pony athletes/parents/guardians must at all times ensure that the animals in their care are properly looked after and that their welfare is paramount.
(i) All pony athletes/parents/guardians behave appropriately demonstrating good sportsmanship
(ii) All pony athletes/parents/guardians must respect others and behave and listen to all instructions from judges, officials, stewards and other people in authority
(iii) All pony athletes/parents/guardians must respect the rights and dignity of all competitors regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs and sexual identity
(iv) All pony athletes/parents/guardians must respect the facilities and not cause any damage to any of the infrastructure at the event at which they are attending and must not engage in any inappropriate or illegal behavior
(v) All pony athletes/parents/guardians must keep themselves safe and where they become aware of matters arising which are unsafe, they should report this as soon as possible to a responsible person
(vi) All pony athletes/parents/guardians must not engage in any bullying

Code for members competing abroad or at Home Pony International
(i) All athletes/parents/guardians must act with the utmost respect as they are ambassadors for the SJI
(ii) All pony athletes/parents/guardians must abide by the rules laid down by the SJI and were appropriate, FEI
(iii) Under no circumstances is alcohol or any illegal substance to be consumed
(iv) No illegal conduct
(v) No violence, aggression or bullying to take place
(vi) Utmost respect must be displayed towards judges, stewards, starters, other competitors and their parents/guardians
(vii) Smart personal appearance/appropriate attire at all times with ponies/horse being turned out to a high standard
(viii) Any behavior which falls below acceptable standards will be reported to the SJI Pony Committee and the SJI Disciplinary Committee. Such behavior can be taken into account in respect of selection for membership of teams competing in the Home Pony International series. Moreover, the SJI reserve the right to inform Horse Sport Ireland of any such behaviour
(ix) The appointed Chef D’ Equipe at the Hoe Pony series has the power to exclude athletes from competing if their conduct is in breach of this Code of Conduct. Moreover, the Chef D’Equipe can require the pony athletes/parents/guardian/ponies to leave the show grounds if their conduct is in breach of this Code of Conduct.